Ted E Bear

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Tykables is introducing the Fuzzies Factory first plushie playmate, Ted. While he is made for Littles, this guy is not your average stuffed bear. Ted comes in at a whopping 32" tall when standing and 2 feet tall when sitting. 

With a unique double zipper closure you can add more stuff or restuff your plushie playmate with ease, and without all the hassle of sewing. Also your oversized plushie has an oversized pocket built right in. So you can store your phone, wallet, binky, and other small items safe and secure which is perfect at parties and other events.

Customer Reviews

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So amazing!!!

Love my teddy so much i got him a brother! Now nap times are not so lonely!

Seth D.

It has been sent an Excellent condition. It is extremely cute and cuddlely. The Teddy has Nice beautiful colors and makes me feel safe. It is the greatest thing to hug, though I wish there was a bigger version. I really hope a bigger Teddy comes out by Tykables in the future to make us littles feel even smaller. If you want a teddy to bring your anxiety/depression down for sure and increase your happiness, safety, and comfort you better get this 🙂

Jackie S.
Wonderful bear!

Larger than I envisioned. Amazingly soft and cuddly.

I love my ted!

So I've probably had this "ted e bear" for a year.
He lives on my bed, and he really just brings my room together.
He's super soft and fluffy, and super cozy to snuggle up with.

Lil w.
So soft!!!

I honestly did not realize how big and soft it was going to be!! 10/10 reccomend for all littles! It should be mandatory to have one! <3