Camelots B Grade Diapers

B-Grade Diapers are sold in Cases of 40 diapers, 4 bags of 10. Tykables now offers B-Grade diapers at a discounted price. These diapers function as any other Tykables product but sometimes the inks are not aligned correctly, the waistband is either to tall or short in the front or back, or other cosmetic imperfections

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan T.
Same Great Product at a Reduced Price

These B grade diapers are excellent. I like the price point and I have yet to find anything wrong with them. Will buy again.

Joshua R.
Beey impressed!

Honestly, I was very surprised on how well this held up just like the regular Camelots. I did have a couple misaligned prints, one of the tapes was missing on one of diapers in the pack I opened. This is the deal you want right here!

Andrew O.
Worth the discounted price.

Other than the occasional missing waistband I couldn't tell much of a difference between the nor all and B grades. Definitely worth the discounted price.

David H.
Great Deal

They’re just like regular Camelots in fit and function. I don’t care if they have misaligned print. Nobody sees them but me. Otherwise they are covered by my clothes.
I will buy them again when they’re available.
Thanks Tykables !!

Simply wow

I just got these diapers and completely underestimated them. Absorbent, thick, and down right juat awesome. Yes even for B grade.