Puppers B Grade Diapers

B-Grade Diapers are sold in Cases of 40 diapers, 4 bags of 10. Tykables now offers B-Grade diapers at a discounted price. These diapers function as any other Tykables product but sometimes the inks are not aligned correctly, the waistband is either to tall or short in the front or back, or other cosmetic imperfections

Customer Reviews

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Hi. Just a smol kitten here. Just wanted to say my diapers have been pretty good. They are comfortable and they hold up nicely over night. Money has been a bit tight so getting some B grades was worth my money. Will buy again when possible.

Andre D.
B grade diapers

Yes these are great just the mis lined landing zones but are just as great.
Thanks for offering customers like me a chance at getting cheaper diapers that are just as great. Thanks Tykables your great 👍

Brad J.
B-Grade Okay

Great diapers, my packs just have a tape just a bit off (when wearing, bottom right). Still work and function as normal. And the plastic is not the same but still crinkles and soft just like the originals. B-Grades are great for saving money when you really need diapers. Highly recommend when they are available.

joey a.b.b.
great diapers one of my favorites

i have always liked the pupper diapers. got them when they first came out. they are super cute diapers. same great quality expected from Tykables. Papa likes his baby bear in the pupper diapers because they are great for adult who is a toddler boy at heart. i know they are the b grade but have not found any flaws that make them b grade diapers. Tykables must have very high standards for these to fall into b grade. we think they are great. i have worn b grade little builders and the same thing great diaper do not see the flaws. still super cute fit great and holds up extremely well to a very active little one. Papa says his baby bear needs a harness to keep track of me (LOL). very happy with these diapers


Awesome even a seconds. Like the crinkle.