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Waddler Diapers - Tykables
Waddler Diapers - Tykables
Waddler Diapers - Tykables
Waddler Diapers - Tykables
Waddler Diapers - Tykables
Waddler Diapers - Tykables

Waddler Diapers


    Our Waddler print is back! Tykables Waddler diapers have been redesigned with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind. These are thick adult diapers that are both comfortable and functional enough to wear throughout the day while still being absorbent enough for overnight use for most people with a rating of over 4000ml capacity. 

    The Waddler diaper features an all over design with fade when wet design. The super soft plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation.

    The Active Littles Grips are oversized and when combined with our extra durable landing zone they outperform all other adhesive tapes. Each fastener is over 1.5 inches tall and re-fastenable thanks to our Active Littles Grip hook and loop system. This new system allows for adjustments throughout the day if needed. With a 14 inch front and rear waistbands as well as extra tall standing leak guards you get extra comfort, security, and confidence. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Waddler diaper

    Great product will purchase again

    Waddlers for big babys

    My big baby likes the look and feel of Waddlers and how they keep his bed dry, at night. He feels very comfortable when I put them on him.

    Great for mid to heavy incontence

    I use these to manage my incontence and they will hold 1 bm and 3 heavy wettings not bad gor the amount u get for 80 love the cute disighns and will be ordering more soon thank you all so mutch for helping me and the onese is super ordorible maby not a hoodie next time but long sleeve is fine cause my arns get cold at night thanks again see ya soon at capcon in Chicago

    Wonderfully Comfortable

    I absolutely LOVE these diapers! Very babyish, thick and adorable.
    Delightfully squishy when full! The hook and loop style tapes are amazing, they really stay tight.
    I’ve had to resort to using pins with other brands because of tape issues. I was apprehensive at first because
    of the 4000ml capacity but after using them as my day diaper for a week I’m very satisfied with the absorbency.
    A Really Great Diaper

    Although comfortable to wear

    Although these waddler are comfortable to wear I dont see them holding 4000 ml. I did however get a whole 8 hours of wear out of them. But when I got home and out of the car I noticed a small wetspot on the seat then in did a swipe test where I thought I felt a small wet patching my Jean's. Over all I give these diapers a 3 star rating. P.s. I would still order them again.