Play Dayz Pink

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When discretion is key, daytime protection can be a little boring. With Play Dayz Diapers we have kicked out the plain and brought in the fun with our range of colourful diapers featuring printed landing zones.

Each pack contains 12 adult diapers with 4 vibrant designs! Did someone say pink and pastels? We thought so! Our 4 additional prints are for those who prefer pinker side of life. There are butterflies, unicorns, moo cows, fairies, flowers and fluffy RAINBOWS!


  • Rear elastic waistband
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with a smooth plastic landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 4500ml
  • Designed for discretion with next generation Japanese SAP
  • Printed landing zones featuring 4 designs per pack!

Customer Reviews

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Lacey B.
Playdayz Pink

I love my new playdayz pink diapers. The fit is perfect for me and they are very absorbent. I love how comfortable they feel. Thank you soo much Tykables!

Victoria S.
Play DayZ Pink

While I love the diaper thickness,the tapes lack in efficiency.They aren't refastenable.
I just may stick with OVERNIGHTS.Absolutely PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.

So s.
So soft and thin

Soft and thin but hold nice amount for being thin
On downer That I can nip pick at is the tapes could use better adhesive on them if you try to readjust them they don’t like to re-stick


I was a little iffy about ordering these but was wonderfully surprised apon arrival. The plastic is by far the softest and most comfortable that I have come by in many years. If you are an average or smaller person( I am 5'8 and 117lbs) the cut and fit of these diapers are perfect! They have little to no sag compared to any others I have tried. The tapes are strong and can be refastened as many times as you please with no loss of functionality or strength of adhesion. Dont be disuadded by the claim of relatively limited capacity at 4000+ ML I, suprisingly, have been unable to push this diaper past its limit in a realistic amount of time. Even after filling the diaper up to capacity with warm water and wearing around for a few hours I have not experienced any leaks from these amazing dips while standing up or walking around. Only when sitting or laying down have I had minimal leaking(very small leak from the back of the legs when sitting in a chair) when filled with water near to its capacity. The landing strip is dead silent, that may be a downside for some but for me is perfect. The art on the landing strip is tasteful and simplistic I would give it a 10 out of 10 for my taste. All around this diaper has, by far, exceeded my expectations and I would give them a 10 out of 10 in all the categories that matter to me as far as what i expect from a good, functional and aesthetic dip. I highly reccomend you give them a try, and i hope they remain available from tykables in the future to come. The shipping was quick and the packaging was discreet. Thank you for stocking these, they are perfect for me and I will definitely be back for more. I am glad to have finally found something that works so well for me and am relieved that I no longer have to keep trying new products in search for the perfect diaper.


I LOVE these diapers!! Very comfortable and discreet nobody knows you're wearing. They even held up to my nighttime wettings and didnt leak before I changed ij the morning.I did push it to the max and made it leak a few times but that was my fault for not changing sooner. I was hoping to get a full day and evening put of 1 diaper and it didnt happen. The tapes are loud when unfastening but they hold up great. I did have to use packing tape a couple times but other than that this diaper gets a 10/10. I'll definitely be buying more along with other ones.