Str8up White

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Str8up have been designed with most the popular features as requested by you!

  • A smooth outer layer made from thick plastic
  • Soft elasticated waistbands at the front and rear
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with enhanced landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 8000ml
  • Designed for longer wearing times and night time protection

Customer Reviews

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Jeromy H.
Great awesome diaper

Smooth and comfortable to wear day and nite holds a lot will buy again!

quite nice

i know a solid block color isn't for everyone; for me it feels quite nice, but overall i really like these. normally i use a northshore megamax and this feels like a new iteration of that design. nice and comfy, large capacity, and feels nice whether dry or wet. a big thing for me is how well the shape of the diaper hugs the back of my legs. normally it's loose back there and the primary place i leak. this fixes that issue.

Grate diaper

I would like to say thank you to Tykables for the super fast delivery and for my favorite pamper the Str8up is amazing pamper ever especially for the ones of us who love them thicker pampers this monster gets even better when wet as I’m wearing a total wet one as I Write this and I’m so happy as I have no leaks love this pampers

Best pamper ever

This has to be the best pamper ever thicker than anything I have ever tried and so much more Absorbent than anything else you can get it’s like wearing a cloud when it’s dry and when it’s wet it swells up so big and squishy love that feeling that’s the best part of wearing a pamper and no leaks either I’m in love with this baby diaper

Charles g.
Great diaper

Thick crinkly and super absorption, feels great to wear soft and fluffy. love these diaper so mutch and dont have to worry about leaks all day or night.