Puppers Liddles Briefs

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Tykables Liddles™ Briefs are perfect for wearing by themselves or over a diaper. Using premium materials and vibrant prints these are the perfect Littles addition to your wardrobe if you don’t wear diapers all the time. Pair it with the matching Play Shirt for a fun playful outfit.

  • Premium 4 way stretch fabric

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Title says it all! 10/10

jake t.
Puppers: Super Great Briefs!

I was excited to get my new underpants from Tykables before Christmas 2021, so I was crazy thrilled when they got here no problem. No one stole them off my front stoop and in my neighborhood, that's really saying something. These briefs are a super perfect fit for an adult boy (34" and thinnish with a bit of a pot belly when I eat too much!)

But anyways, so I tried these briefs for Black Friday, woke up feeling like SUPERboy, and am having a great day in my new togs. Thank you, Tykables.

Now, a quick warning to the other adult boys out there, I also ordered the bikini-fit briefs for a different item ( Puppers Liddle Briefs, Bikini / Medium ) and these didn't really fit at all. I'm totally unclear why, given the size is right, but they're just not shaped right for an adult boy like me. I'm really sad about that. But I do have my full cut Puppers briefs and I'm super happy about that. I cannot wait for Large size play shirts to come back into stock! I LOVE the looks of 'em!


Thomas S.

I totally love them. They are so adorable and cute. Good quality.


This order was a size and quality check.
Well over what I expected for the cost.
Time to place another order!

Good product but could use some minor changes.

There are some things I love about these underwear and some things I really don't.
I like how they don't slide down but at the same time I wish they were a little bit looser fitting and had an ever so slightly higher rise. And I wish they had an opening in the crotch. It looks like there is one but it's just for show. I would prefer it be functional.