Blue Polo


A collar adds a touch of style to any shirt. This is like a Polo onesie for adults. When that shirt also is comfortable and playful and can be designed with fun themes, well, that's a winning combination. That's how we at Tykables feel about our Snappies collection.

Customer Reviews

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New Version is Great

I just received my first order of the new Snappies Polo shirts I love the new design and are worth the higher cost from the original Polos I like how the shirt can be either tucked in or not it will help hide my diaper

I just ordered 3 more 2 blue and one black definitely pleased with the Snappies

Snappies blue polo 2x/3x

I brought this polo wanting a more conceal way of keeping my diapers from being exposed at work and it did great. The only two things I would modify is the snappies tag on the outside the polo part. That way there is no question about the brand you're wearing, second is the oneize is two shirts in one which is fine but I would have like the polo shirt more of a loose fit then it being tight.

The new polo is awesome

The new double layered polo is amazing. Basically this is a snappies t-shirt sewn inside a polo shirt. Being able to keep the shirt untucked for a more casual look is fantastic and the fabric and fit are as great as they always are with tykables.

The new tag sewn into the top of the shirt is a nice tweak that means I don’t need to cut them off to stop any itching.

The only tweak that would be nice is to have the bottom left side tykables/snappies tag on the inner layer rather than the outside. It might be awkward to explain if someone ever asked about that nice looking polo shirt…

Lloyd S.
Once Again Tykables Clothing Innovations come through

Just put one on, a great way to go out discretely or to work. And you wont look odd with the "Nerdy" tucked in look of one piece onesie polos. Better for going out on family outings and such as well to remain discreet. Bottom line? Best polo onesie design on the market. Go larger on size for comfort. Most of my prior dress shirt onesies are too small. Went 2x on this one and it is very comfortable, not too big.

Great shirt

I have to wear polos to work every day. This is a great product to use for work.