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Little Rawrs Sleeper Footed PJs Snappies - Tykables

Little Rawrs Sleeper Footed PJs


    We're always innovating at Tykables to make our adult baby clothing selections the best in the industry. A premium blend of cotton and spandex forms the four-way-stretch fabric for the Snappies collection. Comfort continues with the inclusion of a hidden zipper that extends from your neck to the left ankle. Using this materials in our Sleepers we have created a cute summer, fall, and spring line of pjs.

    Customer Reviews

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    Seriously... Tykable’s is hitting homerun’s with their clothing line. Top notch materials and finishes like the rest of the line-up, very happy with the purchase. Material is soft, light, and stretchy, not cheap/thin like other brands. Fits like a glove, hugging the body and showing off any bulging padded butt. Not really a plus or minus, but was a bit surprised it was a zipper (head to toe) instead of snaps. Snaps would be slightly more babyish, but are not remotely as convenient as a zipper. Very much welcomed the “padded/grippy” feet. It’s totally awesome, really brings you back to your childhood, and unlike most other adult footed sleepers on the market. Also pleased to find there was NO butt flap and NO hoodie. Also NO pockets.

    Important Call-Out: It is mentioned on the sizing guide, but if your taller than 5’11” you should hold off for taller sizes, scheduled in 2020. While the material is stretchy, I suspect that 5’11” is pretty much the hard limit for what these sleepers fit. I’m just under that number and while super comfortable, I can’t imagine it would work for someone an inch or two taller.

    PLEAD TO TYKABLES: I would love to see a single button cover at the neck similar to a lot of children jammies with zippers. I might also recommend limiting the rubber on the feet to just the lower portion of the foot. Going forward would love to see designs with edge stitching and elastic cuffs that are brightly coordinating colors. And an option to have a monogram feature (front, back, or butt) would be cool. Long-term/Bigger Plans would really like to see a print on demand service where you customize all the colors, stretching, images (front, back, or butt), button cover, feet, pockets, hoodie (I hate them), padded gloves, and maybe material type/weight? I would pay $100+ for that level of control.

    Very impressed

    The sleeper is awesome. It fits very well and looks really cool. I mean who doesn’t love dinosaurs? The material is really light weight which concerned me because I am a warm sleeper. I thought the vinyl feet would be a problem because again I sweat easily but they weren’t. This could be because I preemptively poked tiny wholes in the vinyl. One problem I had is I am a side sleeper and because the zipper goes all the way down the left leg, that side has a tendency to get twisted and makes the foot feel weird. Also I would recommend a zipper at the bottom to make diaper changes easier. This way you could zip up from the leg and change yourself without having to fully disrobe. Overall, I am impressed 4 out 5 stars!


    Love everything about this sleeper.

    Great product but I would change a few things.

    They are very comfortable. And absolutely adorable. The material is soft and light perfect for summer in northern California I love the full length zipper also.
    What I would like improved is first of all the feet. It seems to be synthetic leather I would prefer them to be cotton with gripper material. Also I would prefer there be bands around the ankle,
    Second the length needs to be a tiny bit longer. I'm 5"10 and it feels a tiny bit stretched not much and the material is very stretchy but enough to feel it a little, third the zipper. I would take the concealing flap and put it on the inside so you dont feel the zipper and I would put a zipper tab at the top of the zipper. All in all these are mostly preference issues. They are an excellent product and I do recommend them.

    Amazing PJs

    I love these pjs. They are extremely comfy and don't make me too hot. I just wish there was more prints!