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Here at Tykables, we strive for amazing, cute, funny, and memorable content.  Storytelling is not just something for bedtime, it is the true art of brand building. To help make this a reality, we want a content creator who will help build the Tykables' story within the community. Being the first to do something only last until others imitate and copy you, and they will and have. We are looking to expand beyond just great market leading products and features and create engaging content that firmly sets Tykables as a lifestyle brand leader.

Sounds great right? How can you help? Well besides just telling all your friends about how amazing we are, you might be able to work for us too... As a content creator you will need great skills (i.e. writing, video, editing) are a must, but we’re especially interested in candidates who get the brand understand how to structure messages for the online customer — someone who can create clear, impactful content that people won’t be able to get enough of. You will lead an effort in generating unique ideas that speak to our audience, and most importantly, are shareable on social media. Your ideas will support product launches, general brand storytelling, and social campaigns. To do this, you will work in-stride with others and own a detailed calendar with key stakeholders.