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Graphics Designer Chicagoland prefered


Here at Tykables, we strive for amazing, cute, funny, and memorable content which include graphics. From creating images that help define our brand through advertising to adding new products graphics are essential to the storey. To help make this a reality, we want a content creator who will help build the Tykables' story within the community. You will work with our content creator, advertisers, and brand manager to craft the best types of images to be used for our brand. We are looking to expand beyond just great market leading products and features and expand to create engaging content that firmly sets Tykables as a lifestyle brand leader.

Sounds great right? How can you help? Well besides just telling all your friends about how amazing we are, you might be able to work for us too... As a graphics designer you will need great skills (i.e. PhotoShop) are a must. You should also have some exposure if not outright experience with printing. 


  • Create new graphics to be used in advertising
  • Help create new graphics for future products


  • Adobe Photoshop (or similar)
  • Adobe Illustrator