Butterflies Romper

$ 40.00

Butterflies are not just for girls or sissys! Check out the entire collection of butterflies!Who doesn't like butterflies? Check our the entire collection of butterflies! Tykables Snappies Romper is an adult body suit that is like a Onesie for adults featuring four-way-stretch fabric so that it fits right in all the right places. Features 5+ snaps in the crotch to ensure the shirt stays in place, reduce noise from your diaper, as well as reducing chafing with the boxer brief like legs.

Thanks to our premium cotton/spandex blend, the leg gathers actually stay in place and the garment does not rise when you bend or stretch out or move about. Our extra plush premium blended fabric ensures that they do not stretch out, sag or look loose while wearing it. From the moment you put it on until hours later, you will find that the snuggly support of our Rompers holds up all day.

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Customer Reviews

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Incredibly soft and durable fabric. Not super loose fitting but also not tight. This really is the perfect romper. Tykables continues to impress with it clothing.

The best!

They're so comfortable and the fit is exactly what I had hoped for. It's like perfect. I didn't care for this particular shade of green once I saw it in person, so I decided to Tie Dye it with some blue!!!!! Now it looks so awesome and it turned into arts and crafts. A must for all. Best romper ever

Snuggle and Comfy!

It feels amazing. When I first got it I was nervous but after wearing it I love it. I wish more colors were available to buy. The secure snaps works great. When you move around they don't snap off. The fabric on the material is amazing. Breathable to wear. When more are I stock I plan on getting more of them. I can't wait to show my care-taker of my new romper. Great job!
-diaperpupboi ^_^


I recently purchased a total o three rompers. I am impressed with the quality of the workmanship, the solid snaps and the weight of the material. They are so comfortable that I have taken to wearing them as daily underwear. They have the great side benefit of holding up my diapers. A mistake made in shipping the wrong item was instantly rectified, in fact, my correct onesie was received the next day! Excellent communication. I am very impressed. I ordered and received 4 polo shirts also and again, am impressed with the excellent quality of the garments and the fast service

Romper Room

I ordered two more of these as soon as I recieved and wore the first one. I've not had a romper before, but these are absolutely precious! They are so comfortable and toddler'ish, not to mention very well constructed. I dare say, the workmanship and quality of materials used (fabric, snaps, etc.) for these is the best one can find. Watch out world; here comes toddler alan! 8-) diaper boy alan

So glad that you love them so much! Our fabric definitely helps shape to the wearer so more people feel more of that perfect fit. :)