Cammies Blue Snappies and Denim Jeans Outfit

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The best thing about being a little, all the cute outfits. Now getting these outfits have become a whole lot easier. You can choose from your favorite style top and Jeans, then just choose sizes.

The Snappies have:

  • Metal Snap closures
  • Traditional Brief or Boxer Brief Cut

All the tops have:

  • Premium 4 way stretch fabric
  • Simple Unisex Sizes

The Jeans have:

  • Extra large metal snap inseam
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Waddle Gusset™ 
  • Stretch Denim

Customer Reviews

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a bit pricey but nice need more every day wear styles

First I will start off with the fact that I am not AB/DL but I do have to wear diapers 24/7 due to the fact that I am fully incontinent and it was suggested to me to try using onesies to help support my diapers and after using them I do agree it does help support my diapers and help keep them in place and keep my diapers from being exposed and showing so I am liking the onesies but looking for ones that look like normal everyday wear is a bit of a challenge, especially as most of the onesies that I have found in adult sizes are either for women or ab/dl and finding something in my size that I like has been a real challenge I have seen some on Ebay
but the onesies in my size that look like normal everyday wear have been out of stock for months I am not a fan of the juvenile prints and I do like hoodies including hooded t-shirts so I found the Tykables snappies I find that $40.00 a shirt is a bit high but they work I do wish there were a few more plain colors if there were I would get a few more

now as far as the Jeans are concerned about 30 years ago I was in a bad crash the van I was driving was hit by a semi-truck when the driver crossed the centerline and hit me in the driver's door as a result of the accident was the cause of my incontinence it also caused a condition in my legs called lymphedema which I now need to have my legs in compression wraps full time so now I need to wear pants with easy leg access to be able to change the wraps so now I am using athletic pants with leg zippers or tear-away pants with snaps down the legs to be able to access the wraps easier well, as a result, I haven't been able to wear Jeans in about 20 years well at $80.00 a pair I do find the cost a bit high but with the snaps, on the legs, I am now able to wear Jeans again but as others have said the material fees nice an sturdy with a little stretch no because of my leg wraps I do not wear shorts but I do like cargo pants I know Tykeables has a cargo shorts it would be nice to see Tykeables offer a Cargo pants as well as other pants options I realize Tykeables is an AB/DL store but it would be nice to see a few more options with more everyday looking options