Cammies Blue Liddles Sleepers


Taking you back to simpler times is our classic cut Footed Sleeper. Like all of our Liddles™ collection we only use 4 way stretch premium fabrics and materials with vibrant prints. With a full neck to ankle zipper finished off with vinyl toe caps and slip resistant soles. #SleepLikeALittle

  • Premium 4 way stretch fabric
  • Classic vinyl toe caps and slip resistant soles 
  • Pockets with openings for insulin pump use

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

As always Tykables never disapoints. The clothing is always high quality with high quality fabric. This was a nice addition to my wardrobe. Now that fall and winter are here, I am ecited to stay war with my footed pj's.

Joseph H.

This sleeper is the mlst comfortable one i have ever owned! its starting to get cold and this sleeper has been perfect for keeping warm but not overheating, If youre looking to buy one I recommend you do! you wont be sorry!

Puppers sleeper

I like the fabric. It keeps you nice and warm, on cold nights. I like the pocket openings. They are good for wetness checks.

John S.
Not great. :(

Even at the small/medium size it's WAY too long (6-8" at least). Without elastic anywhere, the garment slides around far too much to be comfortable. The "premium" fabric is uncomfortable to say the least, and not at all warm; it's less "vinyl toe caps" and more vinyl "whole foot",
At least the print is cute. :/

Benjamin M.
Needs some improvement

TLDR; Baggy, doesn't support diaper, no ankle elastic (feet pads move around too much), zipper doesn't have enough inside padding and scrapes against skin when moving around. Foot pads are uncomfortable without socks.
Only wear these when sleeping and movement is at a minimum.

The overnight liddles sleeper is comfy and keeps the cold out really well, even though the fabric is breathable. I would recommend this as a winter/fall piece of clothing.

I am 5'10 and got the S/M size and it is baggy and loose on me when I wear it, it is about 5 inches too long. It doesn't support any diaper so you would need to either wear a diaper cover or snappies. But with the size being baggy, you could wear this clothing around non ABDL people and not be embarrassed about a diaper bulge.

The foot pads on the bottom keep moving around when walking and desperately need elastic around the ankle and a fleece inner around the feet. The seams between the fabric and rubber rubs against my feet which forces me to wear socks when I sleep (I don't like to do that.) The zipper needs more padding on the inside and scrapes against my skin when walking around.

Because of many other clothing items like snappies, which are thinner and more summer like. I would recommend tykables doubles down on the sleepers becoming a walking sleeping bag.