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Choo Choo Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables
Choo Choo Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables
Choo Choo Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables
Choo Choo Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables
Choo Choo Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables
Choo Choo Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables

Choo Choo Cargo Pants

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    Tykables Cargo Pants extend your Littles or Adult Baby clothing collection like no other. Our Cargo Pants have elastic waistbands and are constructed from a durable heavy weight twill fabric with a gentle stretch for a quality that will last for years. Like all of our pants, our Cargo Pants have been designed specifically for wearing adult diapers by adding a Waddle Gusset tm which is extra fabric right in the center of the inseam. These also feature hidden snaps crotch for easy changing but stealthy enough to wear in public.

    Complement this outfit with any of our Snappies Collection for a super cute outfit you can mix and match.

    We know #PantsAreEvil but sometimes it is fun to be bad... :P


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Love it

    Great feel and awesome look. I like that the long sleeve onesie is soft but at the same time very warm and fashionable. And the cargo pants are also very comfortable and fashionable.


    love them except the out line around the pockets . but i think the reason for this is to have people draw attention to a diaper bulge . and the only other thing is im not 10 feet tall make these pants in like 29 inches long and up all sizes but i knew this before i got them so they are awesome and very well made love them .

    Comfortable, but feels long

    I'm going to leave this at a 5 star rating despite feeling a bit on the long side, even with the pant cuffs folded up. I have shorter legs, so it isn't surprising that they would be a little longer on me than feels comfortable.

    Great for fashion conscious Incontinent adults

    I realize these were originally meant for AB play wear but I am a working professional with functional quadriplegia that requires adult diapers and assistance with dressing. These are the first Pants I have found that fit me perfectly with enough room for the diaper and are not medically stigmatizing.I can teach my students all day without being self-conscious about what I am wearing. I plan on ordering the jeans and cargo shorts when they are back in stock in my size. Thanks for fulfilling such unmet need with your products


    Love the pants. Unfortunately one of the snaps in the crotch is very weak and continues to come undone.

    Sent you a reply privately to hopefully help you with the snap issue.