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Amazing Pants!!!

I purchased the jeans about three weeks ago, and have already worn them to two concerts, and am bringing them to my fetish camping trip this week. They are comfortable, fit perfectly with a stretch band to give just enough flexibility. They're discrete, yet offer easy access to what's below for changes. The jeans are high quality, and will likely be in my wardrobe for years to come. I can't wait to see what else Tykables will provide to cover my padded bum.

Another Win!!

In life I love cargo pants and these are amazing. I love the stretchy material and the fit, color, and most of all the snaps along the legs. Keep creating wonderful toddler clothing for adults you are doing an amazing job!

Covert lil

Great for lil trips to the park, stretchy material, and comfy.

Holy Cow how awesome are there! =O

I have to admit I was very reluctant to spend that amount of money on a pair of jeans, however fate intervened and I discovered in the clearance section the pair and style I wanted in my size as well, so I took it as a sign and purchased them on the spot. Shipping was prompt and they arrived in a couple days. When I put them on I could'nt believe just how perfect they were, I swear Tykables literally just upsized a pair of jeans a 3 year old be in, down to the finest detail! Even the snaps they used up the legs are incredibly high quality and much larger then i've seen before, the overhem covering the snaps was just subtle enough that you would be perfectly fine wearing them out during the day in public. The elastic waist makes these super comfy and the fit is plenty roomy for diapers, although keep in mind, these are cut EXACTLY the way a toddlers pants are, so diaper butt is a easy thing to get with these, so you might want to include a slightly oversized shirt if you're looking to be discrete! ;) The print on the roll up cuffs is a super cute added bonus! Bottom line is; I'd not only highly recommend these to anyone out there, but am definitely planning on scoring another pair as soon as possible. Now if only Tykables made a exact replica of toddlers OshKosh B'gosh overalls?! =)

Glad you like them! As for toddler style overalls, we do make some awesome Shortalls... Just sayn' :P
Classic Space Cadet Jeans-Just Jeans

I met with Tod at the Mt Prospect store. As this was the first time I have done any "In Person" shopping for Clothes, I was a bit nervous, but excited that I might actually have some Really Cute Outfits for my Very Own. My Mommie came along too. She told me she had very nice conversations with Tod, while I was trying on outfits. Both Mommie & I agreed that Tod made us feel, not only Welcome but Safe & Comfortable. Tod even let me take a picture on his Rocking Horse. In regards to the Classic Space Cadet Jeans, Tod did let me know that the print was optional. As I am tall, I will never roll up the cuffs, so I opted out of the print. At that point Tod was kind enough to give me $10 off my new jeans. After I washed my jeans they were a little softer. I like that these jeans have room for bulky diapers and plastic pants and the elastic waste is snug but comfortable-not to tight. When I wear disposables, I need a belt to hold them up-no problem, the jeans have those too. The snaps are heavy duty. When it gets a little cooler, I expect these jeans will keep me warm as my Rompers do not cover my entire leg. I like to leave a few of the crotch snaps open while it is still warm. I plan a few trips out into the public in these jeans, with diapers underneath, when the weather cools off. Mommie wants me to get the Shortalls. Thanks Tod.