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    #PantsAreEvil, but these are freaking cool! Tykables has created super stylish Shorts that feature snaps in the inseam and a comfy elasticized waistband for a great fit just like our Jeans. These shorts have a cut that fits on the hips and stops just above the knee. With a gentle stretch, these shorts offer a perfect fit when wearing a diaper in the summer. Like all of our pants and shorts, these shorts feature a Waddle Gusset for added comfort and fit that will not pinch.


    Customer Reviews

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    Love them!

    I'm not a shorts person. I'm the type of person who would rather wear jeans in the middle of Florida summer than wear shorts.

    But I love the way these feel. Very soft for denim, and a VERY comfortable waistband.

    I only wish they offered a longer variation that goes past your knees, but it's a minor complaint in the long run

    Nicely made shorts

    These shorts are pretty good. I felt like they might not be as vanilla looking as promised, but as long as no one is looking at you sitting down, they probably won't have a reason to question it.
    Also they are very comfortable with or without a diaper.


    Wish they were longer but great fit

    great fit

    needed a pair of shorts that i could wear with or without extra padding. and these do just that with their elastic waistband. discrete yet "little" with the snaps and generous cut crotch, fit great over thick diapers. no one needs to know how "little" you are unless you want them to, love em

    Stretchy but a little tight

    I ordered a large and these shorts have many things that I like about them. I like how the fabric itself is stretchy as well as the waistband. I like how the snaps along the inside of the legs are covered so that they are more hidden and not very obvious.
    It may be personal preference but I would have liked them to be more baggy, be slightly longer, and ride up a little higher. My diaper can easily peak out of the back currently. They aren’t “tight” but it would be nice if they were a bit looser so that they could be a bit more discreet.
    Overall they are pretty comfortable and would love to get more if they had a design that was more baggy and slightly longer while keeping the “hidden” inner snaps and the stretchy fabric.