Koda Cubs Liddles Briefs

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Tykables Liddles™ Briefs are perfect for wearing by themselves or over a diaper. Using premium materials and vibrant prints these are the perfect Littles addition to your wardrobe if you don’t wear diapers all the time. Pair it with the matching Play Shirt for a fun playful outfit.

  • Premium 4 way stretch fabric

Customer Reviews

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Matt O.
Koda Cubs

Really like them. They fit well and look cute on me. Thanks Tykables for making them 🙂

Tad H.
Koda cubs

I don't think they are as cute as the old style that I bought years back cause the trim around the legs isn't as wide and the fabric in the front is a little thinner than the old style as well but overall they're still cute

very appropriate for a little guy

i love my new koda cubs briefs I wear them over my dinosaur diapers they really help my diaper stay in place wile also keeping the crinkle noise down and they cover them making my diaper needs more private especially when bending down in front of people the prints on the briefs are adorable I recommend getting the footy pjays with them they make a great pare.the briefs are also great to wear on their own they are verry comfy and protect from small dribbles with the additional feature of looking exactly like toddler briefs

One of those things you didn't know you needed...

Until you have it! Enjoy the snug feeling around your diaper a snappie or pants give but can't or don't have time to wear one. Well, hurry hurry! Step right up and in to a pair of these Koda briefs. The briefs are not quite real underwear but I imagine you could very well use them as such. I enjoy using these as a diaper cover and have tossed a doubler in for a discreet diaper/ training pants feel on the go. Mostly wear around the house to keep the sag and sog monsters away. The Koda briefs add a little snug extra hug around your diaper and make you look like a big kid too! I love to wear these with my Koda t-shirt when being lazy in bed or doing stuff around the house. There's no little feeling quite like showing off your favorite underwear and having a matching shirt that stops right wear that cute diaper begins. I'm sorry, I meant big boy pants.
So, no more waiting! Pick out a matching set of diapers, briefs and a play shirt. Then get ready for great times watching TV or movies, coloring, playing with toys or just being a lazy butt in bed. Hope you find my reviews helpful. I'm really happy to have tried Tykables and excited about their products as they have failed to excite me. These aren't pretend clothes. They are well made items you can enjoy for a long time. Check out my reviews on the Koda Kubs diapers, romper, play shirt and also doublers!