Liddles Briefs Collection


If you love our briefs then this collection is for you. This collection has one of each of our briefs in your favorite cut. The collection includes: ABCs, Camelot, Cammies, Galactic, Little Rawrs, Metro, Overnights, Puppers, Sea Creatures, and Unicorns.

Customer Reviews

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All the feels

Flashing back to little times! Absolutely love the prints and the fit.

Nathan D.
Huge improvement!

I am extremely happy with this new iteration of briefs! The fit is hugely improved over the earlier version, and the feel of the fabric is much nicer on my skin. The colors of the print are vibrant, and did not appear to bleed at all in the wash! I highly recommend these and they fill a huge market gap in my opinion, as pretty much no one else makes childlike print briefs for adults!

Keep up the great work.

Great deal!

I’ve been waiting and hoping tykables would bring the printed briefs back and I’m so glad they did! Perfect undies to make you feel little. I don’t feel comfortable in diapers in public but I love to wear these everywhere I go! Definitely go with the littles briefs collection! Better deal and well worth the money. Very happy with this purchase. Will be buying more in a few months 😁