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Little Explorer Submarine Snappies - Tykables
Little Explorer Submarine Snappies - Tykables
Little Explorer Submarine Snappies - Tykables
Little Explorer Submarine Snappies - Tykables
Little Explorer Submarine Snappies - Tykables
Little Explorer Submarine Snappies - Tykables

Little Explorer Submarine


    Tykables Snappies Romper is an adult body suit that is like our Snappies T-Shirt but with legs for a boxer briefs style fit. Our entire Snappies line features a premium blended four-way-stretch fabric so that it fits right in all the right places. Features 7 snaps in the crotch to ensure the shirt stays in place, reduce noise from your diaper, as well as reducing chafing.

    Thanks to our premium cotton/spandex blend, the leg gathers actually stay in place and the garment does not rise when you bend or stretch out or move about. Our extra plush premium blended fabric ensures that they do not stretch out, sag or look loose while wearing it. From the moment you put it on until hours later, you will find that the snuggly support of our Snappies Romper holds up all day.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 64 reviews
    Best romper EVER!

    This was my first purchase from Tykables. The risk was well worth it. Great romper! Thick cotton fabric, not like other thin cheap products. The legs and crotch have six heavy duty stainless steel snaps for easy diaper changes. No fear of defectives snaps. I ordered an XL and it fits PERFECT on my 6 ft 1, 220 pound body, including a disposable diaper. My romper makes me feel like a little kid again. Perfect for sleeping at night under the covers, and wearing under my clothes to work. Finally!

    Love the romper

    It’s great for all day ware underneath my uniform and keeps my shirt tucked in.

    Good for stealth

    I have no complaints with the white romper I purchased. It fits me well (I ordered a small; I am 5'11", with 38" chest, 33" waist, 35" hips; width-wise, there is still a lot of free space, but not a conspicuous or unseemly amount).

    I was looking for something to help with hiding a diaper waistline, so I ordered white, and I wear it as an undershirt. It serves its purpose well. What I like about the Tykables Romper over the other onesies I have (ABU) is that the neck hole is a normal t-shirt size (the ABU onesies have massive neck holes) and that the romper leggings do not, of course, get caught in the crotch and wick urine away from the diaper. I haven't tried the Tykables onesies and don't know whether they do this. I think it's a problem specific to ABU's onesies because of their elastic leg gathers, but in any case it was something I was looking to avoid, and I purchased the romper to be safe. I was also thinking that the romper would be ideal in the event that I was wearing shorts, so I think this is one of the best garments out there for hiding a diaper.

    The materials are very good. It has a nice amount of stretch to it.

    The only thing that would be better would be a slim option. Since I'm on the thinner side around the waist, there some creases around the waistline of my pants, especially when I stretch, so anyone who thought about it would probably guess that I am wearing a onesie-like garment rather than a regular t-shirt. But it would never cross anyone's mind.

    My 1st romper

    Omg this got to be my up most Fav my lil pup brothers are wanting it. I'm very happy with everything from customer service which are very helpful. I was worried that it wouldnt fit me as I'm 6'7 but fits like a to be nice and snug.

    Quality is the BEST!

    I just love the fabric of these. I love to lounge around in my house wearing my Rompers.