Little Rawrs B Grade Diapers

B-Grade Diapers are sold in Cases of 40 diapers, 4 bags of 10. Tykables now offers B-Grade diapers at a discounted price. These diapers function as any other Tykables product but sometimes the inks are not aligned correctly, the waistband is either to tall or short in the front or back, or other cosmetic imperfections

Customer Reviews

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Best saving and no sacrifice!!!

B grade are the best bang for your buck. Truly no sacrifices I have not had an issue with this package and with a boosters. Me and my diaper can take on the world !!!

quality remains

Package arrived fast.They were as bulk packaged. Saw no issues with first 2 packs but opened 1 other to show to a little. The velcro tapes were missing from 5 of them haven't opened any of the other 5 packs hope they are all good.

Sorry to hear this. Please email us at so we can help you with these issues.

Great diaper, great buy.

This is a very absorbent and comfortable diaper. It holds in the smell when it's wet or messy. For added protection when out in public, I usually wear a pair of plastic or rubber pants.

Ben N.
Super Diapers!

These diapers are GREAT! I wasn’t sure what to expect with the ‘B’ grade, but was pleasantly surprised… and super crinkly, just the way we like them!!

My favorites, but cheaper!

When I learned what b-grade diapers were, I jumped on these. The dinos are my favorite Tykables print, so getting 8 bags was a no-brainer. These didn't come in colorful bags that I've come to expect from Tykables, but clear plastic. After reading stories about people saying that half their b-grade order had missing tapes, I've opened all mine and checked, and only 2 diapers had one missing tape. (I've already contacted Tykables.)