Overnights Liddles PJ Set


Tykables Liddles™ PJ Sets use only our premium vibrant printed 4 way stretch fabrics and materials. A two piece set is a cute, classic, timeless look that brings you back to when you were little and not just a Little. #SleepLikeALittle

  • Premium 4 way stretch fabric
  • Wrist and ankle cuffs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeremy J.
They are okay.

I like them.

Roy W.
Baby jammies

Baby jammies I love owning and wearing these cute jammies Real comfy I love the pattern on them .

So comfy!

Absolutely adorable and nothing short of perfect

Littles delight!

The Littles Overnight PJ set is amazing. The fit is very comfortable. Just putting it on over my Puppers diaper sent waves of relaxation through me. This is the first time I have worn pajamas in decades. Naturally, my diaper expanded overnight (not sure how that happened), and the PJs had a bit of a bulge in the morning. The elastic waist and lack of a fly make it perfect for a tyke. The pockets are great! This would be a great present for any little! I imagine sitting under the Christmas tree in my PJs and savoring the look and feel. I could wear them all day! Thanks for a great product.

Mark B.
So comfy and cute!!

So I had the chance to visit there location recently and while there I bought this set and it has quickly become my favorite set of pj's.
I would wear then all day! Great product will be getting more in the future