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Polo Pink Clearance Snappies - Tykables
Polo Pink Clearance Snappies - Tykables
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Polo Pink Clearance


    A collar adds a touch of style to any shirt. When that shirt also is comfortable and playful and can be designed with fun themes, well, that's a winning combination. That's how we at Tykables feel about our Snappies collection.


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    Great for work!

    I've bought enough to be able to wear every work day, and can't say enough good about them. Comfy, supportive, and discrete. Thanks!


    I really like the feel and look of the polo shirt no one can tell your wearing diapers it
    covers up well. and gives a good professional look as well .


    I have been wanting a onesie for years for when I go out of town to run errands and do shopping. Due to those times being long days, I tend to wear premium brand diapers to avoid changes. Being overweight with a pot belly, I dread having to bend down in a store because my shirt tends to ride up in back. Also since I do have that big belly in front my diapers tend to fit lower on my body. I got the 3X size because I knew it would have to not only fit over thicker diapers but also my belly. It is the perfect size and it does stretch, which is good otherwise it would have been tight snapping it closed. While the snaps are not what I would consider front snaps (because they do not snap at the waist in front), they are a little more forward facing than the onesie's that snap low in the crotch. The 5 snaps hold well even with the onesie stretched tight over a thick diaper. I also like the option of a polo golf style shirt with a collar since that is what I wear most of the time except for when I'm not at work. Fabric is light and comfortable but durable and stretchy enough to fit well. This does three things for me. It keeps my diaper from showing when I have to bend down, because it looks like any normal golf style shirt no one can tell that it's actually a onesie, and it holds my diaper tight and prevents it from sagging throughout the day. I Highly recommend this product for the price!

    red onesie

    soft, stretchable and fit to a "T"

    Simply the best

    There are plenty of onesies in the marketplace. I find Tykables to be far and away the best. The weight and stretch of the fabric is excellent. The quality of construction assures the snaps will not pull out. They are comfortable and look like a normal shirt while performing their important function. Highly recommended and I rarely wear the ones I have from other companies as they just don't measure up. They are a tad expensive but good value in the long run.