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Racer Cargo Pants Pants - Tykables

Racer Cargo Pants


    Tykables Cargo Pants extend your Littles or Adult Baby clothing collection like no other. Our Cargo Pants have elastic waistbands and are constructed from a durable heavy weight twill fabric with a gentle stretch for a quality that will last for years. Like all of our pants, our Cargo Pants have been designed specifically for wearing adult diapers by adding a Waddle Gusset tm which is extra fabric right in the center of the inseam. These also feature hidden snaps crotch for easy changing but stealthy enough to wear in public.

    Complement this outfit with any of our Snappies Collection for a super cute outfit you can mix and match.

    We know #PantsAreEvil but sometimes it is fun to be bad... :P


    Customer Reviews

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    Love the pants. Unfortunately one of the snaps in the crotch is very weak and continues to come undone.

    Sent you a reply privately to hopefully help you with the snap issue.
    Tykables Cargo Pants

    Perfect stealth wear for work, really comfortable as well! =)

    Best pants :3

    Very comfy to cover your diapers imho makes discreet wear way easier

    Very authentic toddler-style pants

    These cargo pants very successfully emulate toddler-style pants. There's no little aesthetic I like more than a diaper waistband poking out of an elastic waist, and these make it possible. They're really comfortable and really high quality. There is plenty of room for a soaked diaper with the waddle gusset. When the jeans get back in stock, there's a good chance I'll pick some up.

    I could do without the snaps, which I'm certain I will never use. (But I also understand that lots of people like these, and there's probably not enough demand for a snapless version.) I know they're supposed to be hidden, but I probably would not leave the house with these on; they aren't that subtle, and someone idly looking at your legs could very well notice that you're wearing an odd garment indeed. (But I expected this, and I didn't purchase them for stealth.)

    They're too long for me, and I don't care much for cuffing them (I didn't get them printed, and for someone with thinnish legs like me, they fit a bit awkwardly when they're rolled up), but I am going to get them hemmed a couple inches, and they'll be beautiful.

    Really impressed

    Very sceptical about buying ABDL clothing at fist but I gave it a shot and I’m amazed. My only two complaints are the shipping was a little slow and the pants themselves are a little long. These pants are so nice I might actually wear them to work. They are very discreet and you would never know that they were ABDL clothing. Very comfortable and works great with the snappies polo or button down for the padded professional. I love all the pockets too. Definitely a must if you want to wear padding discreetly in public.