Unicorns B Grade Diapers

B-Grade Diapers are sold in Cases of 40 diapers, 4 bags of 10. Tykables now offers B-Grade diapers at a discounted price. These diapers function as any other Tykables product but sometimes the inks are not aligned correctly, the waistband is either to tall or short in the front or back, or other cosmetic imperfections

Customer Reviews

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Missing Tapes - Frustrating

Normally, the b-grade diapers are as good as the regular diapers. In this batch, diaper after diaper is missing a tape - it's impossible to put them on evenly so they don't slip. Wearing briefs over them to compensate does't work well, either. Using some other tape means they're no longer refastenable. Very frustrating!

Sorry that this occurred. Please email us at sales@tykables.com with more information about this so we can see what we can to help you with this issue.

Cole W.
I'm happy with my half case of b grades

This is my first time trying tykables and I'm in love with them. They hold a lot, super soft, and the print is really cute. Only thing i notice with the b grades is that on some diapers the waistbands are too tall in the front and too short in the back but i don't mind it and it doesn't effect the performance of the diaper.

Sami F.
I’ve been waiting for Unicorns!!

Tykables has been out of stock of large Unicorn diapers for a long time. They are my favorite diaper, and while I understand the frustrations of supply chain issues, being unable to get them for this long has been upsetting. The release of these B grade products was a great short term solution. I bought a case of 80 and from all of the ones I have examined, the only issues seem to be very minor cosmetic mistakes and nothing causing the capacity or strength of the product to be effected. I’m so happy these were released!!

Rainbows and Unicorns

I've had my eyes on Unicorns size large, but they haven't been in stock for months. (I heard they are getting upgraded?) When I saw these in b-grade, I knew that this was my chance!

These have the same features, performance, and comfort as the Little Rawrs and Puppers. Pink isn't my preference, but rainbows and unicorns? With fade-when-wet? Sure!