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Shipping updates

United States Orders
As of now we are working through our pre orders and expect to be caught up around Tuesday. We will continue our $10 flat rate shipping until we have caught up with shipping out product.

International Orders and Shipping - (excluding Australia)
Once we have caught up on all orders in the United Sates we will open orders to all other countries. We will post to our blog once this is available. Our main markets (Canada, UK and Europe) should visit their respective country sites, even if the order is being shipped within the United States. All others should visit directly.




We again want to thank everyone for their support. We will work hard to not only service the ABDL community but to be a part and giving back to those to make our company a reality.

Thank you again,
Happy Holidays from the Snuggies Diapers family.


Posted by Snuggies Diapers

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