Little Rascals Diapers

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Little Rascals Diapers have been designed with most the popular features as requested by you!

  • A smooth outer layer made from thick plastic
  • Soft elasticated waistbands at the front and rear
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with enhanced landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 7000ml
  • Designed for longer wearing times and night time protection
  • Our all over print features the rascals and a green patterned sides!
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Customer Reviews

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Sometimes 'new and improved' is actually BETTER!

i was a LONG time fan of Little Rascals, and was scampering trying to find a replacement in my layette made by the long absence from Tykables stocked diapers. When i got the email stating they were back in stock i was elated, but when i saw they were 'new and improved' i cried a little inside. Every diaper i have tried recently that came out with a new version changed exactly what i loved about them. THANKFULLY they feel exactly like they used to; same cut, same super thick durable backsheet, but now just a 'wee' bit thicker.. NICE!

Charles g.
Blast from the past.

So thick and crinkly they remind me of the diapers id swipe from my cousins when i was a wee little lad.

Caleb A.B.
Great sag for your buck

Super fun to wear, makes you feel little all over if you dig diapers that crinkle a mile away and sag away from your backside for everyone to see;)

chris T.
Yay they back

Missed them so much
Glad they back

Newest 7000 ML XL Version

Was hoping these would be on par with the newer 7000 ML diapers tykable are producing. So far, they seem to be. They do not seem quite as thick as the camelots and others, but they do take some time to decompress a bit so to speak. The package indicates these are a NRU product, like the old version. The tapes are positioned very close to the tykables diapers, although not quite as far apart. They are conventional sticky tapes, not the velcro, which I did like. I still like sticky tapes once in a while. The tabs might not be quite as far apart as they Tykables other diapers, but they are farther apart than say Rearz, Bambino, or ABU. This greatly helps with a more snug fit. Very well done, and extremely sticky. So far, none have "accidentally" even come close to popping off. Excellent. The standing leg guards are amazing. They are tall and very effective. The top sheet is very soft and comfortable. It has the micropores, as I would describe them, that help absorb liquid very much. I really like diapers that have this feature, because overall, they seem to draw in moisture so much better. The overall absorption is very on par with the rest of the tykable line of 7000 ML diapers. The plastic is extremely smooth. Very reminiscent of vintage diapers and extremely comfortable. They also have the right amount of crinkle. Honestly not too loud, but not too quiet. The rustle can be contained under clothing, if necessary. The diaper elastics are very good as well. Very good front and rear waistbands, and leg gatherers. The only thing Tykable noted, is fade when wet, have haven't noticed what fades when wet, but that does not bother me at all. Overall, I would highly recommend these diapers. They will keep you dry for a long time, very playful with vibrant colors, and very comfortable.