Active Littles Grips™

What makes the Tykables Active Littles Grips so much better than the rest? Well quite a few things in fact.  Our Active Littles Grips are a hook and loop style system simalar to Velcro. Unlike other hook and loop systems we have a dedicated landing zone across the majority of our diaper to securely fasten them. Also, we ensure that our system works better by having a larger surface area in our hook section for more gripyness, that might be a word.

Dedicated landing zone

You might say "so what" well until recently most companies didn't. Weird right? When we switched our line over we didn't skimp out.

Twice as grippy

Our tabs are about twice as big when compared to many competitors and have more, taller, hooks to really stay put when you attach them; over and over again.

Adjust for perfect fit

You can undo and re fasten the Active Littles Grips time and time again. Put it on and decide it isn't tight enough, adjust it, even hours later. 

Perfect for newbies

Learning to tape them on yourself, or someone else? These are far more generous for trying and adjusting to get the right fit. 

Top Active Littles Grips  Diapers

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Camelot Diapers

Overnights Diapers

Overnights Diapers

Puppers Dipers

Unicorns Dipaers