Dubbler Booster Pads

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Tykables Dubbler booster pads for diapers are extra long, extra thick, and extra absorbent; about 2500 ml each. Making any daytime product a night time product, and makes any extended or night time diaper even better. Want some extra waddle, add a Dubbler for double the waddle. Long road trip, add a Dubbler. Movies? You get the idea. Works with all Tykables products and most other brands with tall leakguard Tykables Dubblers makes any diaper better.

Customer Reviews

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Randy L.
Excellent product

Dubblers booster pads are well worth the investment.
I have used Dubbler Booster Pads in pull ups and tab style diapers and I have not been disappointed.

steven O.

I love them! they remind me of abuniverse but better! I love the was they smell and can hold so much

The back up plan to your back up.

As a non-incontinent DL, having a support team member to your diaper is literally like wearing two diapers without making modifications. There's no reason not to invest in having a dubbler.

Jacob K.
Extended my night time diaper!

I love the overnights. They make me feel so babyish! The only problem for me is the amount of pee pee I make during the night. Putting a doubler in my night time makes bedtime diapers different than my daytime diaper routine an extra special step. The doublers help keep my bedding dry and warm! Warm dry nights mean happy mornings!

Jason J.

Tykeables diapers with a doubbler, simply; awesome. Super bulky, and holds a ton. For any little that likes bulk, or to help keep the super soaker in your life from a leaky diap. Doubblers ftw.