Dubbler Booster Pads
Dubbler Booster Pads
Adult Diapers

Dubbler Booster Pads

Now 20” long, 2500ml capacity, and with adhesive backing to help it stay in place. The best booster just got better, fend off the Soggers™ with these new Dubblers. 

Each bag has 14 diaper stuffers and 6 bags to a case. 
Tykables Dubbler booster pads for diapers are extra long, extra thick, and extra absorbent; about 2500 ml each. Making any daytime product a night time product, and makes any extended or night time diaper even better. Want some extra waddle, add a Dubbler for double the waddle. Long road trip, add a Dubbler. Movies? You get the idea. Works with all Tykables products and most other brands with tall leak guard. Tykables Dubblers makes any diaper better. 


Customer Reviews

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The Greatest Booster

These are life changing! Nothing else I've tried has even come close!!! If you're looking for extra bulk as well as absorbency these are what you want!

Just Wow

They hold so much and the swell… oh my the swell in these is superb.

Jason W.
Waddle On

This is the first diaper booster I've ever tried, so I personally don't have anything to compare it to. I also never tried the previous iteration of this diaper booster, so any comments are on this booster specifically. So on that note, WOW! These add a lot of waddle to diapers that were already designed with a waddle cut in mind, more so if multiple are used: then you're waddling like a lil' toddler, which is AMAZING! The capacity they add is also amazing too. I wasn't sure how well the adhesive strip on the boosters or Active Littles Grips on the diapers like the Waddler would hold up with added boosters, but the former did better than I thought while the Dubblers showed me just how great the latter truly is. Amazing job on both the Dubblers boosters and the Active Littles Grips on your diapers Tykables, well done. Good job!

Best Booster Pads Available

These fit nicely in any diaper I've tried, stay in place, and swell up to hold a ton. They are also surprisingly thin when dry, so they don't make a dry diaper feel too bulky in case one needs to wear under clothing or go out in public. They don't leak sap, and they come at a very reasonable price point, especially when purchased in bulk. I would (and do) recommend these to anyone who needs their diapers to be more absorbent, especially when extended wear is necessary.

Love them! They hold a lot!!

Love them! They hold a lot