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Unicorns Diapers Adult Diapers - Tykables
Unicorns Diapers Adult Diapers - Tykables
Unicorns Diapers Adult Diapers - Tykables
Unicorns Diapers Adult Diapers - Tykables
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Unicorns Diapers



    The Unicorns diaper features an all over design with fade when wet stars. The super soft plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation.

    The Active Littles Grips are oversized and when combined with our extra durable landing zone they outperform all other adhesive tapes. Each fastener is over 1.5 inches tall and refastenable thanks to our Active Littles Grip hook and loop system. This new system allows for adjustments throughout the day if needed. With a large front and rear waistbands as well as extra tall standing leak guards you get extra comfort, security, and confidence. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Impressed first-time buyer

    I bought a single sample earlier to try for fit since my body shape doesn’t lend well to fitting other ab/dl diapers. Was impressed I was able to get a good fit an without too much trouble.

    Took them out for FC2020 an was again impressed by them both in the use an wear department. Certainly going to buy again soon.

    Only minor complaint was some minor thigh chafing but chalking that up to inexperience with fitting correctly.

    looking forward to ordering again! 👍

    Love these

    So awesome!

    Great Diaper

    Once again I am not disappointed. Tykables diapers have proven to be one of the best diapers on the market today. I find myself not only having to deal with incontinence but also being paralyzed from the waist down and these diapers have been a life saver not only do they hold a lot but they make me feel at ease because I dont have to worry about leaks when in out and about throughout the day. These diapers are amazing. They fit well and have an overall design that suits not only people dealing with incontinence but the abdl community as well. I would definitely recommend these diapers for anyone who deals with incontinence. I will definitely be ordering these diapers again I love the print and love the fact that you can tell when they are wet or soiled.


    The unicorn diapers I ordered from tykables arrived in three days. The package was in good shape. I tried the first diaper on Christmas day. They fit and feel great they were comfortable and very absorbent. They lasted all day and still had room for more. The grippers held tight all day. Love them and will be buying more prints in the future. Thanks Tykables for providing great products.

    Absolutely great

    Like all Tykables diapers, they’re world class. Thick, absorbent, perfectly proportioned. The tapes are best in class for holding power. So happy Tykables exists ❤️