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Convention Pricing
Snuggies Diapers is offering a new service for conventions, particularly the events and conventions that we attend. You will be able to buy diapers at a discount by the bag and pick up the diapers at the event / convention. 
Our first convention is CAP Con which will be taking place in the Chicago area. You can find more information about CAP Con at If you are planing to attend CAP Con you can buy bags of diapers for $15 each with no minimum or maximum. We will bring the product to the convention space and you can pick it up there. All you have to do is go to,, and add the quantity of the size that you want to your cart. When checking out be sure to select CAP Con as the delivery method. That will not only change the price of the diapers to $15 each, but take away any applicable shipping charges. Then all you have to do is pick them up at the Convention. 
We plan on offering this service to all events that we attend. You can find the current list of events planned at If you have any questions about our event plans or want to suggest a new event for us to attend please email us at
We may be looking for people to accept pre orders and hand them out to though who have pre ordered on our behalf. If you are interested in helping us at events we can not attend please contact us as
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