Cammies Blue Diapers

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Want something more discreet but still with an all over print? With Tykables Cammies Blue you can hide in plain sight. All Tykables Diapers feature Front and Rear Waistbands, Active Littles Grips™ hook and loop fastening, and extra tall leak guards. Our diapers also feature an extra large acquisition layer to help keep your skin dry between changes.

  • Toddler Tough Plastic
  • Active Littles Grips
  • Edge to Edge Print
  • Front & Rear Waistbands
  • Extra Tall Leak Guards
  • Extra Large Acquisition Layer
  • Waddle Cut
  • ISO rating of 7000ml
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Customer Reviews

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Oscar S.
Best diapers

I usually wear it at my college and it has such good quality diaper comfort and could go all day through my classes. And I would say it def a good call to get them.

Love this print!

I'm 100% DL (I just don't get the baby stuff), so I love this print! There's "hidden" things in the camo, like tanks, soldiers, and choppers. Neat!

These absorb more than just about anything else. Waddle cut means that there's plenty of space for the family jewels and number twos. The plastic is thick and has never accidentally torn on me, and the "velcro" tapes makes sure there's always a snug fit.

There is room for improvement though. Adding fade-when-wet features would be awesome, as well as green and brown camo prints.


Love them!


I send these to my family in Egypt cause they are that good. None of the diapers available in the market there can hold as much and they always deal with wet beds and cleaning sheets, mattresses etc. what a life saver and a change in the quality of the caretaker as well as the patient.

Very nice and comfy!

Very nice and comfy and also very absorbent.It would be awesome to see more color options available like Orange, Yellow and Green for these!