Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts


#PantsAreEvil, but these are freaking cool! Tykables has created super stylish Cargo Shorts that feature hook and loop in the inseam and a comfy elasticized waistband for a great fit just like our Jeans. These shorts have a cut that fits on the hips and stops just above the knee. With a gentle stretch, these shorts offer a perfect fit when wearing a diaper in the summer. Like all of our pants and shorts, these shorts feature a Waddle Gusset™ for added comfort and fit that will not pinch.

  • Hook and Loop Closures 
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Waddle Gusset™ 
  • Stretch cotton blended fabric


    Customer Reviews

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    These fit great and so easy to to use

    Jason W.
    Cute Liddle Baby Shorts

    Like the Liddles Jeans, these shorts are cute, fun, playful, and adorable: with the icing on top being both the elastic waistband and the velcro zipper, with the former being stretchy in all the right ways to make me feel as little as the toddler I am in little space :D : with the latter reminding me of velcro sneakers you'd wear as a kid. I also love how the red ones specifically remind me of the color of my old plastic Rugrats lunchbox from grade school, that was really nice. These are a must buy, I'll totally buy more since these have become the only pair of shorts I love wearing! <3 :D

    Love them !

    I love these. They are stretchable and very soft. Cover my diaper, with some showing if you want.

    Almost perfect

    I'm a massive fan of Tykables' shorts. The elastic waistband is so toddlerish. A diaper peeking out of an elastic waistband is my favorite little aesthetic, and these accomplish it. The material is so absurdly comfortable and stretchy that I wish all of my adult clothes were made out of it. The velcro 'zipper' is such a nice touch that really makes these feel like they were designed for a child.

    My two complaints: First, the velcro doesn't line up perfectly up at the waist, so it sometimes scratches at the stomach, and I have to be careful that it doesn't catch on a diaper as I'm pulling it up. Second, I really wish that these came without the velcro inseam. On a pair of shortalls, for sure, you need an inseam that can be opened for diaper changes. On a pair of shorts, it's simply impractical, and most actual toddler shorts don't have one, as far as I can tell. As it stands it's a bit of a gimmick that keeps me from really being comfortable wearing these in public, but it would be so convenient to have a pair of shorts that is really cut for diapers that I could wear in public, because that sort of thing simply doesn't exist on the market.

    Still, a great would-buy-again product. I hope Tykables expands the Liddles line.

    Cargo pants

    Love the cargo pants the are comfortable and hides my diaper and I love everything that I got from tykables