Little Rascals Diapers

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Little Rascals Diapers have been designed with most the popular features as requested by you!

  • A smooth outer layer made from thick plastic
  • Soft elasticated waistbands at the front and rear
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with enhanced landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 7000ml
  • Designed for longer wearing times and night time protection
  • Our all over print features the rascals and a green patterned sides!
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Customer Reviews

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These aren't made by Tykables, so they offer a different set of features. The most obvious is that these have adhesive tapes, not the "velcro" kind of the Tykables brand. They have the same amazing capacity, and this might just be me, but I think the plastic and topsheet are softer on these.

The print is not offensively babyish (100% DL here), and is kinda cool. (Nappies R Us made these, and they're British, so should I say "lovely" instead?) There are colorful dragons (?) down the middle, with green hexagons on the wings. I don't associate hexagons with dragons, but they seem to work well.

I will order more the next time I get a mix and match bundle.


These adult diapers are incredible. It has saved me from having to constantly lift my disabled sibling on and off the bedside commode. They are extremely absorbent I pair these diapers with the dubbler pads especially when my sibling will be out and about all day. After a few hours, because these diapers
are resealable I simply remove only dubbler pad and wallah dry again until bed time. Best purchase ever

The best diapers you can get!

The best, thick, crinkly, thick plastic, sturdy landing area, and classic tapes! Love it! Basically, NRU has nailed the perfect diaper construction!

Awesome Diapers!

Awesome Diapers and are very comfortable and absorbent.The 4 tape design is also much better than the Velcro tabs.I wish Tykables would make more of their diapers with the 4 tapes and I would definitely switch over and buy all of my diapers here!

Love the back print

In love with the green and the design. So comfy and stylish. Love them!