Teddy Bear Jacket

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A cuddly, warm, and fuzzy coat that will keep you toasty all winter long. With its soft teddy bear fur exterior and its luxuriously soft velvet lining. With its comfortable feel and cute hood with teddy bear ears, this jacket will make young and old jealous. This is something every little should have for their winter wardrobe.

Customer Reviews

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Best Thing EVER

I just bought this hoodie and HOLY MOLY have been wearing it nonstop. It is just heavy enough to give a weighted blanket feel and with the hood up, it muffles sound and light. Ultimate calming and sensory object. If they made more animals I would get them in a heartbeat. 100/10

Jimmy A.
Super warm and cuddly

I was surprised at the size of the box that arrived and then found out that this was not some thin bear outfit. Instead it is a thick and heavy jacket that is super warm and very soft. It could easily be used as a coat to head out into cold weather or just to snuggle up on the couch. Definitely glad I ordered one!

Cameron B.
SO Fuzzy!

It is unbelieveably fuzzy and comfortable! Wore it to work today and i wasn't cold in the slightest, it was awesome. Thank you so much! Debating about even getting another to have both colors.

Bought two!

These are super soft comfy and warm. I've been wearing them during Iowa winter and they retain a lot of heat like a real bear! Also been getting compliments from family, coworkers, and strangers how much they liked it :D

Paul m.

Soft and warm like a teddy teddyy bear