Baby Butter Plastic™

Softer plastics
A unique blended plastic means we fine tune the soft texture without sacrificing strength. You can feel the strength when you pull it out of the bag. 

More Pure Plastics
Using a more pure plastic gives our plastic a stronger plastic even compared to similar thickness plastics. 

Smoother Plastic, like Butter
We use this on our thicker diapers which rub between your legs. You will feel it, but it will feel good. No rough gritty sandpaper plastics here.

Make a statement. If our prints didn't do it, the sound will. While they can easily be covered up with a Snappies or pants you will know it is there. 

Baby Butter Plastic is just that, as soft and smooth as butter. All products marked with our Baby Butter Plastic meets or exceed several requirements, much like our Toddler Tough Plastic, some of which we keep to ourselves. Each Baby Butter Plastic product has a plastic thickness which gives an obvious strength factor. However one, often forgotten, factor is the purity composition when the plastic is being made itself. Using our Toddler Tough Plastic or Baby Butter Plastic we feel we makes them best adult diapers with the best plastics options. 

Baby Butter Plastic™ Diapers

Little Builders Diapers

Little Builders Diapers