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Puppers School House

What is the Puppers School house you ask? Well it is a place where future working Puppers go to learn, play, and make friends. Follow us as we join three of our favorite Puppers.


Bork is a Labradoodle who is a service pup super hero. He is learning everything he can about being a service pup so one day he will find his new best friend and will help them live a more fulfilling, and safe, independent life. Shine his signal in the sky, but he is probably already next to you if you need his help. 


Sarge is not your typical police Puppers pup, he is a Boxer mix breed. While all of his family before him were in show business he is paving his own path in law enforcement. He wants to make the world a better place for everyone.


Buff is following the family line of firefighting. Dating back to the 1700s his family has worked as fire fighting dogs, seriously look it up. While he is a bit kooky he is he lovable goof ball and everyones friend. When work needs to be done or  you need a friend, he would give any Puppers a run for it. 


"Bad" Teddy is the mischief maker at the school. Now you might ask why is there a bear at the Puppers School House? Well he is not really a student and only the Puppers students can see him. He tests them on their training and helps them out, I guess he doesn't really make mischief at all. Maybe...