You know Tykables as the industry leader in bringing innovative, high-quality ABDL products to the marketplace. It is not our only focus, however. We are committed to fully supporting the ABDL community in many ways, including by being involved in advocacy and outreach work. This is highly visible through both our sponsorship and attendance at numerous events.

Thanks to this constant interaction and our ties with the community and industry, Tykables can connect you with ABDL resources such as blogs, newsletters and adult diaper videos. We are proud to present these resources on this page for individuals interested in learning more about the ABDL lifestyle.

Information and Insight into the ABDL Community

Tykables subscribes to the belief that adulthood is optional. We know that many individuals agree, and we want to help provide you with information and resources that you won’t find in the mainstream media or anywhere else.

Tykables is uniquely qualified as a source for comprehensive information within the industry:

While these events allow us to educate others about our brand and lifestyle, it is our philosophy that participation and sharing information will help our community grow as well.

Those who want to learn more or benefit more fully from the ABDL lifestyle will find new information using the ABDL resources presented here. One video, for instance, introduces our store with a walk-through presentation. Other videos may feature ABDL products or stories shared by community members. The possibilities seem endless.

Make Tykables Your One Stop for Resources and Products

Many adults find great comfort and peace in recapturing the innocence experienced in the role of a baby. Our mission at Tykables is to bring you both the resources and products to support this lifestyle. We are always designing new, affordable, high-quality items, and we’ll get them to you quickly with discreet shipping. For more information or to place your order, contact us today — and revisit our resources page frequently.