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First look at these I was hooked. I love hook n loop diapers. These Camelot diapers have become my go to diapers. There is not to much bulge after wetting. The size is on point for someone who is troubled on understanding size. I am a 32 waist and these mediums fit perfect. For a ABDL, Diaper lover or someone who is incontinence, well worth having these in your collection.

Great diapers

Love the cloth like covering strong then most I seen diapers. They are nice and thick. Need some colors in blue, blue my favorite color anyway lol but love them. I would to see then come in plastic back one time to. I bet it will sweet to hear them crinkle ;)

Most comfy ever!!!!

These are the most comfy diaper a Dl could ask for!!!!! The waddle cut makes you really know your wearing, and the grips are way better than other brands standard tapes.

Love these diapers

I am not a ABDL I just lost control of my blatter and have to ware these when I can't change the real fits when I need and also these look cool and absorb all day long. This is a sucky condition and these make the a little better on me thank you

New Part of My Rotation

I enjoy TightyWhities so much this is my 7th or 8th case in the last year. The plastic is soft and the fit is perfect for me. While they hold quite a bit, they are comfortable when empty or moderately full, and very fun (and squishy) when very full. For lovers of classic white, these are a no-brainer.

Str8up Pink
Azzy H.
Pretty And Thick

This diaper is acctually incredibly comfy for being plastic backed and the capacity held up extrremely well.


Very comfortable and absorbent

Awesome all white diaper

I’m as big fan of all white diapers, and this is one of the best. Typical fantastic quality you expect from tykables. Awesome absorption, very comfortable, and thick.

Love them! <3

so cute and very soft, can’t wait to buy more :)

Feels great

Theses are very very comfortable and absorbent but I don’t like the tape on it if you miss it and you try to fix the tape it just rips off with some of the diaper on it so you have no choice but to put on a new diaper

Vary absorbent diaper

Wider then the Overnights I love the wide thick feeling you did a good job on them I would recommend this diaper to others

Waddler Diapers
Michael W.
Not what I thought I ordered but in a good way

First off I did not know these are hook and loop tapes. I have had bad experiences with these types of tapes but these tapes hold like crazy.. I bought a multi pack of diapers thinking these would just be okay and the others would be the ones I would love. Boy I was wrong. These are so cute and when wet... just amazing.. well worth the purchase. Cant wait to try some of the others too..

Confort y belleza

Ami esposo le encantaron dice que son super cómodos y absorbentes parece todo un Bebé bien hermoso , nomás que si se tarde la orden en llegar más de lo normal


The cutest and softest ever ever

I've been trying to find a diaper that helps me enter little space, as I've been embracing that more and more lately. These diapers fit that bill, 100%.

The design is ADORABLE. It doesn't get much cuter than little lions, tigers, and bears all padded up and ready for bed. The hook'n'loop tapes are nice and grippy; they work perfectly even for my rather large frame.

Super soft and comfortable; they are also nice and loud(one thing I look for in a good AB diaper is crinkliness, and these fit that bill to a T).

They hold a ton; I used this one quite thoroughly(wet these 6 times, among "other" things ;-) ) and I had nary a leak. The leak guards stand strong.

Recommend these all day long!

Cozy blankie!

Very cute blankie. Matches my nities! Soft colors and very cozy. The large size is great to be able to wrap yourself in and be happy!

I did have to get new one shipped cause the first one had slight ink misprint on it. But tykables with fast response got me a new one!

My cammies have an advantage

Well, other than all the built in perks these do seem male gender obvious. To the point of just wearing my t shirt and my cammies while gardening my neighbor said she like my swim suit so next is going to be fun wearing just my cammies when I take my boat to the river.

Str8up Blue
Never Gonna

Str8up these never let me down!

I love it I look so cute

Adorable and awesome!

Fast shipping, wonderful product!
Love the color, feeling, great absorbing, perfect for on the go!
Pink is one of my favorite colors, so why not go pink camouflage! 🤍🤍

This is a great onesie. The fit, finish, and quality of material is excellent as always. The Littles Gear club is a fun way to get new snappies each month.

One of the most softest diapers I've ever taped on!

Great quality, a lot of good products

Purrfect diapers

The fit, leak protection, cuteness factor are off the charts. Thanks Tykables for an amazing diaper.

Very good diaper.

Pretty comfy and they fit well. I'm surprised how much they hold and swell. Had to use a heavy duty cover to keep everything contained. [I'm not a abdl but I have to use diaper's due to medical reasons. I hate the market brands in stores they just simply all suck. These do as advertised] - If you are a abdl ,dl , or have medical issues these are pretty good.