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Tykables overnights

Great product, definitely a product everyone needs to try.

New favorite dip!

Having tried nearly all the dips out there, and liking the original overnights with tapes, I was skeptical about the new velcro tapes. But, WOW these fit great, tapes hold great, absorbency holds great at night, and very comfortable. New favorite diaper!

Amazing Diaper

Didn't know what to expect, but I couldn't be happier! Great design, great hold, the perfect for any and all occasions!

Super Diaper

The improvements are outstanding. New Hybrid design is wonderful. Great job guys. I sell these in my store and the customers love them.

Something Else Entirely!

Tykables has innovated, and as a result they've come up with something very special. Perhaps the best diaper I have ever tried--and I've tried a lot of them. I normally sleep in a Abena Abriform M4 or a Space most nights, and I normally soak the diaper quite a bit by morning. So, I tried the new Tykables and was not disappointed. Tykables Overnights are comfortable, wonderfully thick between my legs, and very easy to fasten with the new velcro tab system. I fell asleep like a baby in sort time. I woke up hours later in a wet diaper, but a dry bed. The diaper hadn't lost a step at all, and there were no leaks. I continued into my morning in the wet diaper, and it didn't sag in uncomfortable manner or anything, leaking or otherwise. The fasteners are great, the construction is amazing, the absorption is great, the leak guards are tall and functional, and the design is just delightful. This is a magnificent diaper! Tykables--you have outdone yourselves! Thank you!

The best diapers I’ve tried

These diapers are by my favorite diapers to date. They are very comfortable, fit well, look cool, and hold a lot. The adhesive part of the tapes could be more sticky but other than that, 10/10 would buy again.

Best shortalls I’m ever seen!!

The tykables shortalls are a must have for adult babies. The snap crotch and side snap adjusters are robust. The dark green color is as brilliant as the utility pockets. The shortalls fit snuggly over a Tykables Overnight diaper. I wore the shortalls, diapered, all day through various activities. If you were unsure what shortalls to enjoy, look no further. Thanks Tykables

The best out there.

I've tried just about every abdl diaper available in the states and this almost instantly became my new favorite. The design is cute, they're nice and thick, and they have the absolute best tapes around, hands down. Highly recommend.

Best Diaper Ever...

These diapers should be doing us all a favor and lowering the cost of other brands because they have nothing on the quality of these. I already bought a second case before they get all grabbed up! The absorption is crazy, the tape (cant even call it tape really) is amazing. Cant say enough about these diapers.

Super comfy

We love these diapers. They are plastic, but soft. They do not leak and the stars disappear when wet. Definitely worth the price

Better Then Ever

Overnights were the first printed adult diapers I ever wore and they were awesome but these are terrific the new tapes work great. Defiantly worth the wait!

Excellent diaper

I have worn a diaper to bed every night, since getting these. I’m just a baby, so I have to. I’ve had no leaks and the are super comfortable! I love how thick they are!!!

Great Product

Product was shipped very quickly. Very comfortable. Great packaging. It is one of the best diapers I have ever had.

Wow! The best diaper ever!

This is the best Tykables so far, and the best diaper I have ever tried--and I've tried most of them. I normally sleep in an abena abriform 4 or a confidry 24/7, and add an abena maxi booster pad. I normaly soak the diaper and the pad. Well, I tested the new Tykables and slept in just the Tykables, with no booster pad. The tykables is comfortable, pleasingly thick between my legs, and very easy to fasten with the new velcro tab fastners. I fell asleep like a baby. I woke up hours later in a wet diaper, but a dry bed. The diaper had not loosened at all, and there were no leaks. I continued my morning in the wet diaper, and it didn't sad or leuk. The fasteners are great, the construction is great, the absorption is great, the leak guards are talk and functional, and the design is delightful. This is a magnificent diaper! Tykables--you have outdone yourselves! Thank you!


One of the most comfortable diapers I have ever worn! I always had trouble getting them to fit nice and snug, but with the Velcro like tapes it makes it much easier. It's also a lot softer than I expected.


the MOST amazing onsies eye ever seen

Best Overall ABDL Diaper Currently

It is amazing how Tykables has managed to design a diaper that manages to bridge the gap between an everyday diaper and a thick overnight diaper.
I have worn these out with the new tapes and they have been phenomenal! I haven't had to worry at all of the tapes coming undone and if i needed to adjust, it was super easy! The wait was definitely worth it!

Lovely Diapers!

Super comfy! Tapes are designed perfectly. The width of the crotch is a narrower then a lot of other S/M adult diapers providing a way better fit!

Probably the best yet

Well the good is they dont leak at all .. the new tab system is great can re-adjust when needed and they are super comfy and you can move around without worrying about anything .. the only bad part which was probably a hiccup was the shipping took almost a month to get them but worth the wait just plan ahead accordingly...

Nice padded underpants

Great for night wear, helps with the little dribbles (nocternal emissions) and doesn't seem to soak thru.
Great fit, true to size, and nice colors (white with blue piping).

Fantastically reliable

What a fantastic and reliable diaper. I am in awe of the resilient tapes and the wonderful swell factor.

The bomb

Ok I have to say tykables you have really out done yourself this time. I tried my first overnight from the new line last night. The fit was excellent, the absorbency capacity gets an A+ after all night I was still dry with plenty more dry diaper to use. And I love the new Velcro tabs, great to be able re adjust without worrying about tabs re sticking. I will be definitely buying a larger quantity next time. Cheers

Great fit and finish

Really pleased about my order, will buy again!

Everything that they promise

This is the first time I've splurged on diapers especially made for ABDLs, and I was not disappointed! They're super comfortable, well constructed, and are definitely the most absorbent diaper I have ever worn.

In addition, kudos to the Tykables staff for all of the updates associated with getting things shipped! I called once for an update; they answered quickly and the replies were courteous and informative. Will definitely order again when my size is back in stock.

I love themmmmmmm

I love the original ones a lot too for nighttime sleep but these are a perfect all day diaper its amazing o . o I could wear this everyday all day and I very well will try :P

These new designs are awesome!

Super awesome new diapers! Love the four Velcro tabs!! Probably my favorite diaper now! Wish shipping was a little quicker but diapers are definitely 5star!!
Keep up the good work!

Great Diaper

I was beginning to think I may not find a really good overnight diaper. This the best one I have ever bought, comfy too. I love the tapes as well.

November Cargo Pants Little gear subscription

Awesome cargo pants! The snaps are sturdy and keep the leg pieces together quite nicely. Just wish that there was a cool design on the bottom of the legs like the ones in the store.

These are great! Amazing!

Excellent fit! And for those worrying about being near the upper waist size limit on the 2's, don't worry! I'm a 44 with a tummy, and not only did they fit wonderfully, they also put up with my tossing and turning in the night to wake up with it still in place! Most others loosen up or ride down and I have to wear a diaper cover to keep them in place. Not these! Perfect.

Overall good.

First off, these tapes are #1 on the market...PERIOD. It seems like I have tried every diaper out there (even imported), and these seems to be the best tape. There is one other well known brand out there with velcro type taping, but I find tykables to be more reliable.

Moving onto a NEGATIVE note... (and I am not sure if this is a flaw in the package I received or not). I have worn 3 of these so far, and for some reason it feels like the "rear" of the diaper is bunching up, even when its fresh and hasn't been used yet. In fact, when I look in the mirror, it looks like the right side of the "rear" is snug and slightly lacking padding, and then the left side has more padding, and is bunched up. I did not encounter this on the previous version.

If I could make a tykables wish (ok, maybe a few wishes): #1 DON'T change the tapes. They are perfect. #2 I wish they would go back to the previous version cut/style, but keep the tapes the way they are. #3 Wish they wouldn't make these a little more crinkly. #4 Come up with more designs. Maybe some plain white diapers, baby blue ones, pink ones, and some with more AB prints. .... I know... I am asking a lot. Overall. I'm happy. I would say these rank within my top 3 diapers out there.

Great idea but needs some work

I like the idea but when you sign up you just get to pick yes or no on the different options. I think a ranking system would be better (example yes I would like a "short sleeved t-shirt [onsie]" and yes I would like a "short sleeved hoodie [onsie]" so both or these are marked yes, however, if there was a ranking system then I might put a 5 (or I really want) "a short sleeved t-shirt [onsie] but only a 1 (or I wouldn't mind it every once in a while but not my favorite) on the "short sleeved hoodie [onsie]" I don't want to put no on the "short sleeved hoodie" because then I would never get one but I don't want as many short sleeved hoodies as I want short sleeved t-shirts as the months go on.

Also they said we would know what was in the pack and would have the opportunity to swap out parts of the pack before they shipped. This isn't the case, I got notification that it shipped but not what was in it and if I wanted to swap out anything. While I do like the "surprise" factor of not know exactly what is in the package, I am afraid that I might receive something I already have or be able to voice how one month I might prefer something different then I want the next month. I also cannot find how to change sizing options after the original order. I got my first shipment and the size fits but I do want to make a change for future orders but don't seem to see how to do this.


Been wanting to try out these diapers for a very long time and EXTREMELY happy with them. Already trying to figure out my next order and how to pay for it. I want to stay in them 24/7.

Overnight diaper and padded briefs

Both are comfy and the briefs are so cute. Especially with my name printed in them. They are perfect for a little.

My Order

The diapers fit great and very comfortable. I highly recommend these diapers. The polo in red and the romper in green were very comfortable and I highly recommend any tykable products.

Awesome Product!

These Diapers were worth the price and wait. So, to everyone who is skeptical about the NEW Tapes don't be they work like they should and the Increased Absorbancy is TOP NOTCH. As for the Sizing and Design of these are what I need. These are a must have a Must Have For Any AB/DL!! Hope you all can come Out with an All White Diaper Soon!! Thanks and Keep Up The Good Work!

Absolutely Amazing

After seeing a lot of people complain about slow shipping after the restock, I was hesitant to order. However, after seeing the reviews after the first round of shipping I decided to bite the bullet. I ordered on a Tuesday and by Friday I had a 10pack waiting on my doorstep. I love the hook and loop fasteners. Usually I have to retape once or twice when I wear all day, but I didn't have to retape at all. I love how much they swell, especially on the front. I cannot be happier with the performance of my first two. However, since my size just ran out, I think I'm going to have to save these for some rainy days until I can order again.

Best ever.

These are the best diapers ever. Tall order, I know. They earn that title by fixing all the design flaws existing high-end diapers have.

Fixed flaw #1: tapes

The tapes on the new Overnights actually stick. I have not been able to get the tapes to lift, even when I tried. It's easier to get clothing to unsnap than it is to get the tapes to lift. A+++, perfect tapes.

Fixed flaw #2: retapability.

Let's say you tape up, but realize you made a mistake with regards to how you positioned the diaper. Not to worry, the new Overnights feature a taping system I've never seen before. You can retape as many times as you like with no loss in tape effectiveness. The tape is more along the lines of velcro than tape-tape. Whatever it is, it's awesome. So glad there is a diaper that offers, I've longed for it for years.

Those are the two unique features of the new overnights. All the stuff you expect is here: ultra high capacity, cute art, fading wetness indicators, etc. The unique features elevate the Overnights to a tier of their own in the diaper world. Can't say enough good things about them. Try them out, I think you'll like them!

Glad there's ”big&tall" sizes!

I got my order in on Friday. I am extremely pleased with the quality and fit. Being a big guy I am really happy you have "big&tall" sizes.
I'm likely buying more soon.

A+ Little Wear

I purchased a waddler brief alongside my diapers thinking they would be overshadowed, but I was more than surprised. They fit snug, are noticibly thicker compared to normal underwear, and are incredibly soft. The design makes me feel super little, and are just as cute as the "t-shirt and diaper" dressup I prefer. They are an amazing alternative when diapers are not an option. Thank you Tykables!

Top of the line!

I am overjoyed to say that 2 diapers into my case that I could not be happier. Tykables has taken their previous design and turned it into an extraordinary product. The highlight for me is definitely the new tapes, as I am constantly adjusting for many reasons. Now I no longer have to worry about the tapes coming loose before I may have gotten my use out of the diaper, or losing stickiness altogether and having to accept the loss of one. Also, the new design takes the more prominent DL in me and brings out the AB that is mesmerized by the colors and shapes and animals on his diaper. Thank you Tykables! Well worth the price and wait, anytime.

Amazing even at the wrong size!

Because of some changes in weight, I'd concluded that size 2 would be the best for me, and that was an error. The diapers are up to my ribs, but the new velcro lets me get it tight enough to get by. The soft, supple shell and incredibly stretchy elastics keep the diaper mostly in contact, and still keeps me dry through the night! I'll be looking into exchanging my unopened packages, to do a proper review on Size 1!

Great improvement

The active littles system works better than standard tapes making it easier to adjust the diaper. The diaper held up to 12 hours without leaks, and is now my favorite brand.

Love these padded briefs

These are my favorite daytime briefs. So soft and comfortable with a cute ABC pattern that makes me feel little. The fit is perfect for me and gives all day comfort. Really a five star product.

My wife loves these new diapers

These fit my wife perfectly! We only wish you made them with a single grabber tape on either side.

Great product

I love the New Tapes the Velcro sticks very good cute all over print. Very Nice diaper at a good price this will be my new go to diaper

So nice!

I’ve worn 4 of them so far, leaked after 4 wettings, which I flood so that’s really good! I had a ton of powder an baby oil on my hands, and the tapes didn’t even have a problem sticking, which is awesome! So far I’m impressed!

Perfect fit and comfort

Been buying normal diapers but after wearing my first I'm thinking about just buying straight from Tykables.

Great Quality

This romper is made from quality material that is soft but not too thick. The snaps are solid and the rocket ship printing is adorable. I got the small and find that it is a bit too big around the sleeve, torso, and legs. I am under 5'5" and 120lbs so it is always difficult to find things that actually fit. I would never return it but if an extra small existed I would have ordered it instead.


This is my first onesie I have ever gotten and I love it. I would love to see more colors(black, gray) but I love green. I got a size small and it fits pretty nice. It's a little big but I have a small frame. Thinking about ordering more when I get down with this review

Extremely comfy Romper

The paddedpup romper that i bought arrived quickly. The quality it very nice too, the fabric is extremely soft and stretchy. I ended up wearing it for a full day and night it was so confused. Also this romper is warm enough to walk around a cool or almost cold house (just with socks).

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