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Possibly my new favorite

I absolutely love these, even just the print alone makes me so happy! It's got a really unique vibe I haven't seen from any other ABDL brand-- and as a little who appreciates monsters, horror, immature jokes, etc...these are perfect for me

Absorbency and fit are top tier as always, and the cloth backing is super cozy and soft! Overall a very cute and fun diaper with great functionality too

It’s so awesome best diaper ever I had !! It’s my favorite one !

Diaper did a good job


They are good

Tinimals Diapers
joey a.b.b.
a good diaper from nappies r us

they are like the little rascals which i like. overall this is a nice diaper. fits good and comfortable. if you like a crinkly diaper this one is very crinkly.

Thick and Fluffy

Makes your diaper look and feel like a real baby diaper!


Gives kinda a pull up vibe while still being as reliable as a diaper. Noticeably thicker plastic.

First time

Good exorbitant in good for me

A nice new addition!

A very cute print version of the str8up diapers! Plenty absorbent, nice fit, and very pleasant design! Definitely a winner!

Been try to keep potty Monsters way

But they still win because I got to get new diaper on

Love potty Monsters

Pee all day try keep potty Monsters way but didn't work out because I got to get chang into a new one.... think potty Monsters still win this round

Great at no leaks

These are super cute, and they hold plenty of fluid.

Very high quality!!!!! Soft and very snug !! Snaps are very strong as well will hold everything up like you want.

Pleasantly surprised

I bought these due to a yearning for cute cloth backed diapers and have never been happier with them. I usually go the ABU route(they're still enjoyable in their own right) but decided to try these out of necessity and exploration. They are so cute, so comfortable and great to sleep in. I've noticed they hold more than the ABU and don't sweat near as much. They've instantly become my new favorite diaper.

It’s the diaper I’ve been searching for

Tinimals are possibly the best printed diaper on the market, soft crinkly plastic, super strong tapes, thirsty thick padding and to me.. adorable prints with the perfect pastel colors make this diaper my #1!!! Couple this diaper with a onesie or romper and you’ll knock years off your age!!! This is the one I waited for and now that’s it’s here, I wasn’t the least bit disappointed with it, everyone should try a pack asap!!!

Great diapers

These are great. I love the designs on them. They have a very authentic appearance. They hold a lot and are well made. The only thing I would change about them is the taping panel; I prefer hook and loop tapes like on Tykables brand diapers.

Tinimals Diapers
Another home run

The only company I use

These are just str8ups, but way cuter. Awesome diaper meets awesome print.


So far, these are the best fitting and most functional of all the products I have tried. Higher front snaps are convenient and make changes so much easier.


My first time ordering from this site, and I’ll definitely be ordering again, it’s so cutesy and comfortable, and not too long or too short!!

Cammies Blue Diapers
Great absorbency

These got great absorbency that I can wear it all day with no leaks. Thnx Tykables 😊 😊.


True to fit comfy and cute ready for a fun play day. Hides well under jeans and are thirsty for your wettings.

Tinimals Diapers

Cute and comfortable, but I prefer the Velcro tapes over the glue so that’s why it’s a 4 star other then that I love them


This is an incredible diaper. It is soft, thick, thirsty, and fits perfectly. I highly recommend it. I was reminded of the comfort of cloth diapers with greater absorbency. While this may be a tad obvious for daytime wear, I am willing to go with it. Trustworthy, secure, comfortable! Clearly a five-star diaper. Thank you Tykables for consistently providing top of the line ABDL products.


Great diaper fun print fits well true to size swells well has ok crinkle nice and bulky, with tykables doubler pads you get a great waddle. You will not be disappointed with this pick .