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Social Media Manager Chicagoland prefered


We are out to build the best diaper and ABDL brand on the planet. In doing so, we're trying to have the best social efforts on the planet. We are lucky enough to see success on these channels due to an awesome community, and we need an expert to come in and drive forward our social media presence. We need someone who can work with our content creators or become a duel role and do both. 

The Job: 

  • Place and manage ad buys in all types of social channels (also fluent in all other channels, but special expertise in paid social)
  • Optimize campaigns to achieve desired goals. Bids. Budgets. Campaign timelines. Audience segments to maximize new customer acquisition and retention. 
  • Experimenting with the latest placements and ad units constantly. 


  • You know Facebook Ads Manager like the back of your hand. You can create, duplicate, segment, edit and optimize like no one else and others are in awe of your skills.
  • Like your mad Facebook Ads Manager skills, Twitter and Google are no problem. 
  • Creative. You know how all this stuff works, and you creatively apply your expertise to achieve the best brand impression and DR performance. You live, breath, eat, and sleep creatively. 
  • Analytical. Data will drive all of this. You are fluent with the data and understand perfectly how to translate data into the best course of action. While others see Google Sheets and Excel, you see beautiful works of art... You also see areas that need attention to enhance the beauty.