Cammies Blue Snappies Hoodie

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Tykables Snappies™ Hoodie is perfect for someone who wants trendy Adult Baby clothing. Using only premium materials and top of the line features it is easy to understand why trendy Littles love our Hoodies and our entire Snappies™ line.

  • 5 Metal Snap closures
  • Traditional Brief Cut
  • Wider cut to cover the full diaper
  • Low rise sides to stay tucked in
  • Premium 4 way stretch fabric
  • Simple Unisex Sizes

    Customer Reviews

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    Justin B.
    What took me so long?

    I have several friends that always commented on how great the snappies are. I finally ended up getting one for myself and I couldn't be happier. They fit so well and have such a great feel when wearing it. Really glad I got myself one.

    Worth the wait!

    This by far exceeded my expectations. This garment is such high quality, and the construction truly is rugged. It's like Jean Paul Gauthier made this it fits so well. So soft too! I can't wait for my next one to show up!

    Unique & Comfy

    I’ve worn my fair share of onesies. This is my first Tykables onesie and it’s yet another reminder of their desire to carve out a unique space for us ABDL’s. Instead of traditionally located onesie snaps at the bottom, Tykables locates theirs a little higher just below the crotch. It’s unique and has an ease of use because your arms don’t have to stretch so far to snap the onesie over your dip or undie of choice. The material feels soft and breathable. Also, the hood is dope. I feel like a Jedi wearing it. Thanks Tykables! Very satisfied and will be purchasing another design in the near future.

    Also, for sizing concerns I stuck to the measurements on the sizing guide and was satisfied with my “small” selection fitting me right as a lanky 5’11’ dude. Others may like more roomy fits but I like my onesies snug against my dips so the onesie length on the sizing guide caused the “small” selection. Great fit and can’t wait to wear tonight!


    I absolutely love my hoody. It's so comfy.


    As always,Tykables, garments are far superior to others on the market. The "stretch" keeps everything in place while sneaking up on the enemy. I like the hoodie as fall is upon us and then the dreaded winter. If they offer more in solid colors I will get some. Thanks Tykables!