#PantsAreEvil, but these are freaking cool! Tykables has created super stylish jeans that feature full leg/crotch hook and loop and a comfy elasticized waistband for a great fit. Additionally, the denim offers a gentle stretch on perfect for when you need that added flexibility when wearing double or triple adult baby diapers. Our jeans have been designed specifically for wearing adult diapers by adding a Waddle Gusset™ which is extra fabric right in the center of the inseam. This means wearing two diapers or just super thick diapers are no longer a problem. #WaddleOn and #RefuseToAdult

  • Hook and loop inseam
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Waddle Gusset™ 
  • Stretch Denim

Customer Reviews

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Cody F.


Ken P.
Great Jeans

These jeans are fantastic. The fit is perfect and they stretch with you, they are so comfortable, well worth the money. I will defiantly buy again, Thanks.

David C.
great feel and quality.

Looks and feels great, fantastic quality. I can put my legs behind my neck with these on so they have full range of movment. Make sure you measure from the floor at your heel to the inside of your inner thy/crotch area for propper in-seam measurement. I will be getting myself another pair, this was money well spent. Thanks Tykables for another fantastic product of quality!

Kyle T.
Great, Not Perfect

Tykables has by far, the best little gear around and the fact that they have done so much with Denim with a true focus on the ABDL community is astounding. Minor improvements are needed, especially for the cost, but nothing would stop me from recommending a pair to and ABDL.

The Good:
Thick fabric means no rips, super warm, and gives almost a toddlerish gait without the diapers even being used. The snaps are a real upgrade and Tykables has proven that it is willing to improve. The stretch elastic waist is amazing and feels perfect with absolutely nothing underneath or with triple thick diapers. I was absolutely stunned by how how the waddle gusset worked to fit perfect going commando, or fit over a quadruple thick diaper. The snaps also held up perfectly. The best part is how deceptive they are when hiding the thick padding. With a sweatshirt you can barely tell. The waddle gusset really shines here.

The Bad:
These pants are heavy and wide to accommodate many sizes. You can wear them out, but they don't compare to regular jeans (unless you've got some extra padding that needs hiding). The zipper was the biggest disappointment. While not broken, it is one of the worst I've ever seen on kink clothes or normal. It snags, catches, and feels too small for what its needed for. The button above the zipper is also not great as the hole looks like it was cut as a secondary thought and just barely fits over the button. These are two issues that make me question the cost of the product. Everything else is such high quality, so these two things stand out.

Is it worth it? Yes, for sure. Would I by more than one pair? No. These jeans are great for kink play, but you have to be very dedicated or extremely padded to warrant leaving the home with these. However, if you are looking for something that screams ABDL, these are a must. Tykables continues to prove that they are a powerhouse in this community and deserve our support, and some of our criticism.

Great jeans.

Very good pair of jeans. The only problem that I found was that they slip down if you have any plastic backs. Recommend that you wear either a cloth back or a onesie with these jeans.