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In a triumphant display of innovation and imagination comes PLeather, the all-new leather inspired adult diaper from Tykables. Launched at Folsom 2016 we brought to market something new and unexpected. Complete with realistic textural detailing and a bold yellow wetness indicator stripe, you’ll be just as much leather and rubber as adult baby diaper lover.

The special process for making this revolutionary, industry-first diaper allows for maximum color vibrancy and richness. The black leather print is supple and deep. The yellow stripe pops with striking intensity. And we haven’t even mentioned how the indicator works yet! Once wet, you’ll notice fill lines – just like a measuring cup – begin to magically change color to white.

Additionally, clear tapes keep the integrity of the leather look without sacrificing the secure fit you’ve come to expect from Tykables. Just as with our other brand products like our Overnights ABDL diapers, PLeather features the same stellar capacity and same simple sizing.

It's time to get tough. Gear up. And get PLeather.
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