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In a triumphant display of innovation and imagination comes PLeather, the all-new leather inspired adult diaper from Tykables. PLeatherhas been designed on our thickest adult diaper platform. The PLeather line is a thick adult diaper that is both comfortable and functional enough to wear throughout the day while still being absorbent enough for overnight use.

The black leather print is supple and dark. The yellow stripe pops with striking intensity complete with realistic textural print.Additionally, clear tapes keep the integrity of the leather look without sacrificing the secure fit you have come to expect from Tykables. Just as with our other brand products, PLeather features the same stellar capacity and same simple sizing.

It's time to get tough. Gear up. And get PLeather.

Customer Reviews

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Great diaper but

I love them. They start out really thin. But after a couple of wetting they start to really swell. My only gripe is the plastic backing. They seem to stretch.and and can cut it with my finger nail. But over all I like them. I will buy them again. Just because of the swell factor.

I'm wearing them now!

I could write a novel on how great these are: from the fit, to the look, to the capacity...all of these areas are beyond my expectations. Nicely done!

Once again Tykables you've impressed me with your quality!

great thick diapees for grown ups who are still little in a lot of ways

I brought these about two months ago. They are very cute as well as functional. They hold a great deal of fluid and are neat to wear. will be buying other products soon.


These are the best diapers that I have worn! I love the soft feeling of them inside and out. The clear plastic strip in the front where the tapes stick to is very crinkly, but I have worn with jeans over them and the noise pretty much goes away. The clear plastic strip is really great though because I have been able to peel off the tapes and adjust them without tearing the diaper. I have tried a few other brands but I'm not really into the AB side so I have felt limited on my options of just plain boring white. These are fantastic I love the black with a yellow stripe. They fit really well and are very absorbent. I have tried dry 24/7 and those are extremely absorbent but they are so stiff I didn't like them as much as these. I have also tried the Abena's but thought that the padding clumped up too quickly and you couldn't really readjust them easily without tearing the front of the diaper. I felt like I was taking a little bit of a gamble with buying a full case of these without ever trying them or the brand tykables but I'm so glad I did because the price is reasonable for a full case. I will defiantly come back for more and can only hope that in the future they have some more "grown up" designs. I admit I get a little envious of all the options the AB's have. Honestly though if there was an opening to be a spokesperson for this brand in Southwest Florida I would be all over it!! Thanks for making a great product.

Excellent Diapers!

I received my case of Pleather diapers a couple of weeks ago and I've got to say; "Wow, these diapers are fantastic!" I usually go for a more babyish print diaper but these diapers were on such a great sale, I couldn't pass them up! If I'm in the mood for a more babyish looking diaper, I just poke some holes in a Pleather diaper and put a babyish print diaper over it. This works great as a double diaper!
Thank you Tykables!