About us

Company Slogan and Motto (whats a motto with you?)

Adulthood is optional, #AdulthoodOptional. Our company slogan is reflected in everything we do. Each product we create, every event that we do and every day of our lives we strive to express the innocence of childhood back to our adult lives. As adults we have so many things going on in our lives that warrant real world stress. A kids’ biggest concern and stress should be what is Santa bringing them and is there enough peanut butter to jelly ratio on the sandwich, which better not have crust.

Company Stuff and Stuff

We at Tykables agree that we must all grow old, but we maintain that growing up is optional. We bring to market items from our and your childhood in adult sizes. Starting with where it all began, diapers.

We are an adult baby owned company that strives to bring the best adult baby diapers and adult baby products to the market.  We are always thinking of new products that will better suit the adult baby and diaper lover ABDL market.  Our products are top quality and sold at affordable prices. We ship our products in discreet packaging via the most economical, yet fastest way possible.

We incorporated on February 14, 2014.  September 2014 our first product, the Waddler went on sale at Folsom Street Fair. We were the first and still only ABDL company to attend Folsom Street Fair.


In May 2015, we launched the Waddler Overnight, which is the first adult diaper with fade when wet designs. In late 2015, we became the first truly global ABDL company by handling direct distribution for international customers in Canada from Vancouver and Toronto as well as Europe and the UK from London.


In April of 2016, we opened our flagship store in the Chicago area located in Mount Prospect, IL.  We are proud to be the first ABDL product manufacturer to offer a real store all to ourselves. Our nursery space, at our store, includes items from our childhood, such as a crib, a high chair, a rocking horse, and a ball pit – all are adult sized. This space is also available for pictures during our business hours and after hours by appointment only.

We have always strived to help sponsor events within the ABDL community, such as CAPCon and TeddyCon. We have attended other events such as Folsom Street Fair in 2014 and 2015 to help educate other communities our our brand and lifestyle. We have partnered with other event organizers to help put on and promote DiaperActive events in Los Angeles and Houston. We are open to hearing from you if you are hosting an event in your area. Please reach out to us with your contact information.