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Cago Pants

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Coming Summer 2017

Tykables Cargo Pants extend your Littles or Adult Baby clothing collection like no other. Our Cargo Pants,Êlike our Jeans, Cargo Shorts, and Shortalls,Êhave elastic waistbands and are constructed from a durable heavy weight twill fabric with a gentleÊstretch for a quality that will last for years. Like ourÊall of our pants, our Cargo Pants have been designed specifically for wearing adult diapers by adding a Waddle Gusset which is extra fabric right in the center of the inseam.ÊThese also feature hidden snaps crotch for easy changing but stealthyÊenough to wear in public.Ê

Complement this outfit with any of ourÊSnappies Collection for a super cute outfit you can mix and match.Ê

We know #PantsAreEvil butÊsometimes it is fun to be bad... :P

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