Larry The Lion Padded Briefs

$ 25.00

This cute print featuring Larry the Lion. Larry's face on the front with his cute tail on the back of the briefs lets you explore your inner lion! Tykables Padded Briefs are designed with a distinct thickness but slim enough profile to go undetected. Padded Briefs feature an ultra soft-to-the-touch 100% terry cloth fabric with a standard, rise, and cut. The cool faux-functional fly adds to the look without compromising the doubled layered terry cloth design. Along the sides of our briefs has an extra seam designed to mimic disposable training pants while provided an additional layer of structure and support along the sides. With no detail overlooked we have even wrapped the elastic waistband with terry cloth to make these briefs ultra comfortable. Have "Your Name" printed in the waistband of your Padded briefs. Just like when you were little we will have your name 'written' in the waistband of your briefs. We will print the first name of the "Ship to", just select "Yes" under the Your Name option.

  • Double, extra thick, 100% Terry Cloth
  • Preshrunk for dependable fit wash after wash.
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort.
  • No Ride Up leg bands provide all day and night comfort, guaranteed.
  • faux-functional fly.
  • Available in a convenient 3-pack and 5 pack

Customer Reviews

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Cool product

Glad these went on clearance. Wanted to try before the new ones came out to see if they are worth the money. I like them. Can't wait for colors and patterns

Best Underpants Ever

The Tykables padded briefs are the best underpants I ever had. Nobody else sells anything like these. First, terrycloth lining is ultra soft and wonderful on the skin and it is much thicker and absorbent than regular cotton briefs. The Tykables are cut to fit perfectly, with a snuggly feeling overall, but not too tight. There is a nice amount of room in the seat and "up front" where its needed. They never feel too tight or uncomfortable at the leg openings so I don't have to be squirmy or pull at myself. The outside look is so cute and the perfect toddler style, with the side seam and especially, my favorite part, the wonderful, soft, thick, wrapped waistband. Big kid underpants usually have a elastic waistband but toddler training pants have one just like the padded briefs. This really helps with comfort and with feeling like I'm little. When I sit down and my t-shirt moves up and the waistband shows over my jeans, I really look like I'm wearing cloth toddler training pants. When they get washed, they still look nice and even seem to get more fluffy inside. I was sad that you sold out of my size but I'm looking forward to buying more when you restock your supply. Your store is great and Tod is a super nice guy. He told me how to wash the underpants and even how to take care of my plastic pants. What a wonderful business you have. I hope to buy more underpants and other clothes when I come to Mt. Prospect next time.

In love!!!

Went to the store today and picked these up. Will be buying more they are amazing everything I'd want in some cute undies. And gf loves them too!


Great design, expect the grass. Idk why kinda want to see similiar colors but not in animal form. Reminds me of the old snuggies... sooo amazing. Love the color and design but didnt like the animals.

Padded briefs

I want a pair of them briefs on myself love them.