Str8up Pink

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Str8up have been designed with most the popular features as requested by you!

  • A smooth outer layer made from thick plastic
  • Soft elasticated waistbands at the front and rear
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with enhanced landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 8000ml
  • Designed for longer wearing times and night time protection

Customer Reviews

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Really good!

These are very large capacity & very comfortable too. Love the pink and blue colors too!

Andres C.
Great diaper! Str8up Pink is my new favorite!

Very comfortable to wear, use these for incontinence issues. Tapes work really well and the outer plastic is nice and soft and holds liquid quite well as I’ve had no leaks.

Good stuff

The shade of pink is perfect, and well, they're a str8up...the diapers kick ass.

Real men wear pink

This was my first time trying these diapers. I absolutely love them. They lasted all night no leaks and the feal inside and out is great. No matter wet or dry.

Hands-Down My Favorite Diaper

These Str8ups are some of the most comfortable, durable and high-capacity diapers I’ve EVER worn after trying a bunch of different brands, and the addition of the new color choices just makes it all the better (the lil sissy in me LOVES the pink). I feel so secure and cozy in these, they fit perfectly and the inners are so satisfyingly gentle for how incredibly absorbent and tough they are! Adding doublers to them puts the capacity into crazy territory too so they’re just all kinds of fun; they’re up for just about anything you are. My partner and I love them to pieces and we recommend them to any type of diaper lover, they’re all-around top notch.