Play Dayz Blue

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When discretion is key, daytime protection can be a little boring. With Play Dayz Diapers we have kicked out the plain and brought in the fun with our range of colourful diapers featuring printed landing zones.

Each pack contains 12 adult diapers with 4 vibrant designs! You can explore the Jurassic period with our friendly dino pals. Play around in the toy box with Bertie the bear, Lionel the lion and Ryan the robot! If flying is your thing you can soar across the skies in a hot air balloon! If you prefer the safety of the ground you can adventure through the bustling city.


  • Rear elastic waistband
  • Tall standing leak guards around the legs
  • A strong 4 tape system with a smooth plastic landing zone
  • A total absorption of around 4500ml
  • Designed for discretion with next generation Japanese SAP
  • Printed landing zones featuring 4 designs per pack!

Customer Reviews

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Josh P.

I ordered these after also trying ABU Preschool Plastic. They are similarly designed as far as appearance. The Play Dayz are a far superior product. They are buttery soft and quite a bit thicker. They fit me better as well. For a daytime product I was impressed with the thickness. Thank you so much for this product you have definitely found a repeat customer. If you are thinking about buying go ahead and order them you will not be disappointed.

Great diapers

Fun prints, great absorbing diapers. After a wetting, fairly quiet so you can go about your day and not worry about people knowing you are wearing diapers. I actually forgot I was even wearing them. Highly recommended

Mikey G.
First time

First time ever trying these and was very pleased with them; have used the ABUniverse preschools multiple times and loved them and these are those amped up. Love how much they hold.


This day time dip is amazing. I thought it would be one and done but I was wrong. It’s very forming to my body and fits snug.

Bryan K.
Play Dayz Blue

I tried the plastic back version of Play Dayz Blue and not the cloth. What I really like about the diaper is that it's plastic and not that loud. The tapes are decent; it would be better if the tapes were smaller, the landing zone was wider, or the landing zone and tapes were made out of a cloth and velcro system. The price per diaper is very high for me because I only change a few times a day (every 8 hours). I do recommend buying these diapers if you wet more than a couple times in an 8 hour period.