Ted E Bear

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Tykables is introducing the Fuzzies Factory first plushie playmate, Ted. While he is made for Littles, this guy is not your average stuffed bear. Ted comes in at a whopping 32" tall when standing and 2 feet tall when sitting. 

With a unique double zipper closure you can add more stuff or restuff your plushie playmate with ease, and without all the hassle of sewing. Also your oversized plushie has an oversized pocket built right in. So you can store your phone, wallet, binky, and other small items safe and secure which is perfect at parties and other events.

Customer Reviews

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Alexander G.
So Happy!

I love him so much! I have suffered from severe insomnia my whole life and I’m very happy I decided on this Bear over another body pillow. He is incredibly soft and I can snuggle him without worry of my arm falling asleep. My cat loves snuggling with his soft fur as much as I do!

Marc T.
Truly a Bear Necessity!

The description and reviews were spot on for this adorable guy! He’s super soft and perfectly sized for snuggling and cuddling all night long. The zipped back pocket is a neat little addition as well.

I chose the masculine clothing option for him and worried a little that maybe I should have chosen the neutral option. To my delight though he came with the overnights patterned snappie hoodie which is just the kind of adorable animal type pattern I’d opt for!

As my first Tykables purchase I was so pleased! This teddy was worth every last cent!

The Bear facts.

Cute and Cuddly.💙🧸💙

The best ted!

He's huge and soft! Best purchase ever. Super high quality.

An Awesome teddy.

Although I all ready have two big teddy bears, I had to have Ted E. Bear, and he's a great addition to my collection. Ted E. Bear is large, soft and is the best cuddle toy any little would want, so I definitely recommend Ted to any little out there.